Who We Are?

Fulfillment Bridge is a leading global logistics and order fulfillment solutions provider. We offer comprehensive, efficient, reliable, fast and affordable supply chain management solutions to facilitate your e-commerce business. From packing and picking to the management of inventory and final delivery, our simple yet powerful order fulfillment solutions give your e-commerce business an edge over your competitors. The world's best global fulfillment services designed for e-commerce.
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Why Choose Fulfillment Bridge?

Global Fulfillment and Logistics Solutions to take Your E-commerce Business to the Next Level

It's Time to Get More Options and Less Hassle from Your Fulfillment Company

Fulfillment Bridge is more than service, it’s a true partner.
We first started working with fulfillment Bridge when they used to provide a software to manage our 3PL.
It quickly evolved to become a complete logistic solution to integrate our operation with several warehouses worldwide.
There are, of course, natural missteps that happen in consequence of our fast-growing expansion,
but these small issues were compensated by the team’s proactivity to solve them in the most effective way.
They are always ready to help when it is needed.
We count on them as part of our own team.

Guilherme Matarazzo Oliveira

Fulfillment Bridge has allowed us to be global from day one access to discounted last-mile rates beyond those offered by other services at our volumes, no huge onboarding fees per warehouse or restrictive monthly warehouse volume requirements has meant we are able to meet demand in any region we have needed to and gives us a strong foundation to build our global business.

Saadi Allan

Overall our Fulfillment Bridge experience has been good and we appreciate the great service and flexibility.
Cutting edge logistics software paired with world-class customer service
FB streamlines the messy, fragmented, manual world of shipping with sophisticated, easy-to-use self-service software

Reid Covington