The Fulfillment Bridge Story

Fulfillment Bridge grew out of frustration encountered when Fulfillment Bridge's founder, Kais Khadhraoui, and his business partner were fulfilling products in a their ecommerce business that sold mobile and travel accessories. 

From a base in Hong Kong - where they were operating so they could be close their supply across the border in Mainland China - as their online business grew they continued to run into issues around their ecommerce order fulfillment.

The problem

At the beginning, Kais and his team maintained their inventory at home.

When an ordered was received online, they packaged the products themselves and manually brought the items for shipment to the nearest Hong Kong Post office, where they waited in line with packages in tow to ship out to their customers around the world.

Sales jumped from a few dozen a day to hundreds a day.

The wasted time of manual label printing, packaging and lingering in lines at the Post Office soon became untenable, not to mention keeping track of everything via spreadsheets. 

After talking with fellow business owners who needed help, Kais began to envision a way to scale an entire fulfillment system to something that could work across countries, even continents, use one or many warehouses, and still fulfill orders using one single system.

The solution

Knowing the pain points of his potential customers because he WAS a potential customer, he developed a way to solve the issues they faced. Things like shipping, dealing with providers in different time zones, or being unable to provide consistent service to customers would be a thing of the past.  He’d become a bridge between sellers and providers. Fulfillment Bridge was born. With the rapid interest, Kais decided to shut down the travel accessories company, so he could focus solely on Fulfillment Bridge.

The Team

Fulfillment Bridge's company culture is one of our proudest accomplishments. In more than three years, we've only lost one employee to a different opportunity. With a flexible working environment including video calls and the option to work remotely where applicable, team members are content and connected. We're hiring!!!

Founder Fulfillment Bridge

Kais Khadhraoui

CEO & Founder

Building the team and technology of the world's best cloud-based global fulfillment solution for e-commerce.

Sameh Chebbi

Software Engineer

Capable of performing tasks at any technical level from the stack of different layers that make up a web application

Karim Maaoui

Karim Maaoui

Full Stack Developer

Capable of performing tasks at any technical level from the stack of different layers that make up a web application

Mohamed Yassine Argoubi

Med Yassine Argoubi

Software Engineer

Develop technical and logistical solutions for Fulfillment Bridge

Haifa Ben Romdhane

Haifa Ben Romdhane

Customer Success Manager

Normal is not something to aspire to it's something to get away from.

Bilel Benzahou

Customer Service & Operations Manager

If the power to do hard work is not a skill, it's the best possible substitute for it.

Khouloud Dridi

Khouloud Dridi

Software Engineer

Develop a global fulfillment solution within a diverse, funny and cooperative team.

Chaima Hkiri

Chaima Hkiri


Automatization and optimization of the ecommerce order fulfillment shipping calculator.

Asma Ferchichi

Asma Ferchichi

UI/UX Designer

Creating user interfaces & translating design concepts into functional and sustainable front-end features.

Sameh Chniti

Sameh Chniti

Software Engineer

Always there is a better way to do it.

Ismael Jlely

Ismael Jlali

Operations & Customer Success Manager

Ensuring smooth operations and happy customers.

Basma Alaya

Admin & Financial Manager

The financial and legal management creates the strong business.

Ahmedp Belhaj

Ahmed Belhadj Amor

Full Stack Developer, Intern

For every problem, there are at least one solution. So I use my knowledge in computer science engineering to make any solution a reality.

Oussema Sessi

Customer Success Manager

Always putting myself in my client's shoes in order to feel his pains and contribute to his business growth.

Amine ben Yahmed

Amine Ben Yahmed

Digital Marketing Manager

My passion is inventing new powerful ideas, uncover the pain points and then turning the insights that emerge into creative marketing strategies

Jihed Jemour

Businsess Development Manager EMEA


Moatez Moussi

Engineering Intern

Machine learning and AI addict.

From Fintech to Logistics Tech

"I spent more than 12 years providing cutting edge financial solutions to global banks and stock exchanges and running successfully Multimillions projects at global scale. I decided 8 years ago to start my entrepreneurial adventure in the eCommerce industry. I discovered similarities in both fields which made it easier for me to provide high quality eCommerce related services inspired from the Fintech world. My ultimate goal is to create a leading eCommerce solution following the high standards adopted in the financial industry."

Kais Khadhraoui, CEO & Founder

Connect. Fulfill. 

Accelerate your ecommerce with Fulfillment Bridge. Worldwide global logistics made easy.

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