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Marketing Bots

Ecommerce bots are the hottest thing to hit business building since the smartphone.

Instead of creating apps to interact with their customers, businesses are now building bots instead.

Consumers are getting tired of having to download a multitude of separate apps to their phones; bots make it easy for companies to connect with their customers without a separate download.

Companies like Facebook are betting big on bots as an audience-interaction tool, with a growing number of bots being developed for the Facebook Messenger platform.

Kik has created an entire store to showcase their available bots, and Telegram has launched a full bot-building platform too.

With so much action happening in the bot scene, savvy marketers are rushing to create an ecommerce bot marketing strategy for their brand. 

Understanding how to integrate bots into a successful marketing outreach effort is absolutely crucial. Business owners need to understand how their customers will react to bot interfaces and use them accordingly.

For some consumers, a bot interaction can be the fastest route to an answer. Yet other consumers prefer to deal with a live human being on the telephone or via social media.

Smart marketers know when it is appropriate to utilize bots for customer interactions and when it is more prudent to opt for human-to-human contact because messing this up can reflect poorly on your brand's reputation.

If you think your business could benefit from bots, there are a myriad of marvelous options at your disposal.

Check out the following collection of intriguing artificial intelligence marketing bots to see which ones should become part of your bot marketing strategy:

1. Imagebot

ImageBot Telegram

Imagebot is a handy tool for Telegram users. 

Send a message to @Imagebot and instantly receive an image for your social media marketing.

Never again will you waste time searching for images for your social networking efforts.

Add a bot to your social media team and you can get to work on other marketing needs for your business.

2. Emojify

Translate Text into Emojis

If emojis are part of your social media marketing strategy, incorporate the Emojify bot into your outreach efforts.

This handy bot will automatically translate text into emojis.

Currently available for Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Kik, Microsoft Teams and Telegram users.

3. Surveybot

Surveybot for Facebook

Available for Facebook Messenger and Facebook Workplace, Surveybot lets you create automated surveys to share with your followers.

Get to know your audience by putting a helpful AI bot to work for your business.

4. Polly

Polly Bot for Slack

Polly is an artificial intelligence bot for Slack users.

Instantly insert polls into your Slack channels that users can respond to with emojis.

Get real-time results from your customers, business associates, or employees when you put Polly to work for your team.

5. Conversocial Bot Platform

Conversocial Bot Platform

The Conversocial Bot Platform can help brand managers complete a variety of duties.

Text a message using this platform for extra help with anything from last minute arrangements to printing marketing brochures for your business. 

The Conversocial Bot Platform is available for Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

6. Translation Bot

Translation Bot

Available for Kik users, the Translation bot lets you instantly receive a translated version of a text. 

You can converse with customers in Kik by putting this powerful bot to work for your company.

7. Bot Libre

Bot Libre Open Source Bot Builder

If you are intrigued by the brand building potential of bots, the next step might be to create your own bot.

Bot Libre is an open source platform for bot creation.

Develop your own chat bot to automate anything from your Facebook and Twitter responses to your email replies.

Wrapping Up: Embrace the Near Future with Marketing Bots

New bots are being launched with increasing frequency.

Angel investors and venture capitalists are funding hot new bot startups, so expect to see even more bots being launched for a multitude of platforms in the coming months.

Whether you are using Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, or Telegram for audience outreach, you will likely have an increasing array of cool tools at your disposal as 2020 progresses.

As audiences realize the potential of bots and how helpful they can be with basic tasks, the consumer demand for AI-powered interfaces will continue to grow.

Combining machine learning and artificial intelligence with bot technology is a win-win scenario for businesses and consumers.

After reviewing the above-listed sampling of bots, are you prepared to develop a bot outreach strategy for your business?

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