A business needs to be creative and use alternative strategies to enhance its online performance.

Are you ready to try a fresh approach to increasing ecommerce sales?

Look at your marketing campaigns, your website functionality, the efficiency of your product delivery, and how your company interacts with customers.

Use the following ideas to provide a fresh perspective and help you bring your business back on track.

1. Translation Software Can Extend Business Reach


As an ecommerce business, the benefit of expanding your reach worldwide would be huge.

Search engine users in other countries can view your website, but what if they do not speak your language? 

Your online business needs to become localized by providing language translation.

There are resources already available to assist with this, they are easy to set up, and most will integrate with your current ecommerce platform, like Shopify, PrestaShop or Magento. 

Here are just a few translation options to help boost your ecommerce sales:

Yes, search engines have options to translate content, but only a page at a time.

What if the visitor wants to browse your entire website?

Refreshing the translation on every page would be tedious.

Ecommerce stores need on-site translation to encourage foreign trade and appear more professional.

Without a translation service, your online store could miss out on potential sales.

2. Make Sure You Deliver

People want their orders delivered fast and free.

Make your business more appealing by improving its delivery rates and speed. You can recover any extra costs through increased sales.

Customers are unlikely to come back if they don’t like your delivery.  

Parcel tracking is a delivery feature often overlooked.  

Customers want shipping, routing, and delivery information. Upgrade your delivery service if you don’t provide this.

How easy is it to buy something from you?

Streamline your order and checkout processes by:

  • Troubleshooting redundant clicks to a basket or checkout
  • Installing a “one-click buy” system
  • Performing A/B testing on your website
  • Conducting a customer survey to see what they think of your checkout process

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ pages are a crucial e-commerce store feature.

They are popular with customers and can influence how they view your business.  

Don’t underestimate the value of an FAQ page.

There are two crucial features for an FAQ page: content and appearance.

  1. Content: People consult FAQs for advice and information on products and services. Provide answers for product usage, ordering, delivery, returns, and warranty. FAQs should satisfy queries and can reduce phone and email inquiries.  

   Design: A FAQ design should reflect the attitude of your business. Will the appearance be technical and to the point or quirky and light-hearted? The layout should be easy-to-navigate with a logical topic structure. You have taken the trouble to provide answers, so make sure people can find them.

A FAQ page is an excellent customer service tool. It will represent how you want people to view your business.

Remember, FAQ pages show up in search engine results, and people often quote an FAQ answer in forums. A quality FAQ section can attract new customers.

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4. The Delayed Sale Syndrome

There will be times when customers want to buy your product, but the time is not right.

Here are some examples:

  • Customers are cautious and unwilling to commit. They want to browse other options.
  • Customers come across something they want, but not at this moment.
  • Customers start the checkout process but have to leave before completing the sale.

Your online store can lose potential sales for good without the right processes in place. Don’t let customers forget about the item they want.

Your online store can be designed to keep your products top of mind and not get lost in the shuffle:

  • Have a wishlist or “save for later” feature to give customers time to make up their minds.
  • Never discard unsold items in a shopping cart when a customer logs out.

A customer may return to complete a sale given a chance. Make this easy for them.

You can even remind them about items saved or have in a cart via a pop-up message on your website or via email.

5. Controversy Can Be Positive

Controversy can generate curiosity.

Sometimes, a friendly argument, a difference of opinion, or an alternative view can be informative.

Think of it as market research. It matters what consumers think about your products, even if the truth hurts. 

What if something you sell is controversial or has received some bad press?

Do you ignore it? Not if you hope to change hearts and minds or rectify a fall in sales.

Give yourself the chance to get your point across.

Post on a blog and join in the commentary. Reply to any forum messages about your business or products.

You may persuade others to your way of thinking, or you may not. Either way, you will gain actionable intelligence about a consumer’s state of mind.

You could use this to develop a new marketing strategy and solve any issues. At the very least, you can promote your brand and product.

6. Offer Products to the Influencers

Two great sources for product promotion are independent reviews and magazine articles.

Here’s why:

  • Consumers love reading reviews before deciding what to buy.  
  • Reviews by someone unaffiliated with your company can appear more reliable.  
  • Appearing in a magazine lends your product credibility.

People reading the magazine may not be your target audience. Your previous promotions may have missed them, and you could end up with some unforeseen sales.

Are there any reputable reviewers who post about the style of products you sell? Do you think a magazine will appreciate your product? If so, send them your latest product to test.

Boost Ecommerce Sales: Dare to Be Different

It’s a world saturated with available products.  

You must grab a consumer’s attention. Nobody enjoys monotony, so use the techniques mentioned above to impress consumers already bored with lackluster marketing.

Apply the above six strategies to boost your ecommerce sales, get creative and outsmart your competition!

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