With the surge in eCommerce in the Middle East and Africa, there is an increasing demand for reliable eCommerce payment gateways. It’s essential for online business owners to secure an online payment gateway that is budget-friendly and integrates seamlessly with their online store. 

In this article, we have researched and reviewed 9 top eCommerce payment gateways in MEA for your eCommerce website. Before we start, let’s look at what exactly an eCommerce payment gateway is and the different features you should consider. 

What are eCommerce Payment Gateways?

eCommerce payment gateways are service merchants used as a third party to allow customer’s credit card transactions. 

The payment gateway process requires 3 main agents: the customer, the bank, and the online store to achieve a successful money transfer.

How does it work?

Once a customer makes an order on your online stores, the payment details, including the customer’s credit card information, are sent securely via the payment gateway, which will forward it to your bank. 

The bank acquires the payment details and processes them. Once done, this later will notify the customer if his payment has been successful or declined (depending on if he has money available in his account or not). 

If yes, the transaction goes through. Finally, the funds are settled to merchants after extracting the fees. 

5 Things To Consider When Choosing An eCommerce Payment Gateway For Your Online Business

Security: To prevent any fraud or hacking activities, you should ensure that your online payment solution offers Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. It also should be integrated with other security measures like data encryption, secure socket layers SSL, Secure Electronic Transaction (SET), and more. 

Website Integration: The integration process should be easy and straightforward. Generally, most eCommerce payment gateways offer comprehensive guidance on integrating eCommerce platforms like Shopify and more. Just make sure that the integration won’t spoil your website’s UX, making the whole payment process overdue.

Fees and Service Agreements: other things you should carefully look for in any eCommerce payment gateways are fees and services agreements. 

Fees are usually available on the official website, so you can directly access and see if the proposed prices suit your needs or not. Usually, the costs differ from one payment gateway solution to another. 

The service agreement is a legally binding contract that will state the terms and conditions under which you may utilize the Transaction Services. You should read it thoroughly.

Customer support: As an eCommerce business owner, you may have many inquiries regarding some issues. And if customer support is not responsive, this can negatively affect your business productivity and workflow. Manual instructions may fix the problem, but it’s usually time-consuming, and you want something fast and efficient. 

Multi-Currency Options: if you run an international eCommerce business, then a multi-currency payment service is crucial for your business. This will allow your international customers to see the products or services’ prices in their local currency. Likewise, you’ll be able to increase your sales and remain in top competitors.

Top 9 Payment Gateways for your eCommerce website In MEA

1. Paytabs


Paytabs is an award-winning, b2b, online payment solution. Abdulaziz Aljouf, a Saudi entrepreneur, founded it to assist MENA merchants in obtaining affordable and secure eCommerce payment gateways.

Paytabs offer an integration box where you can build and customize your online store with shopping cart plugins that accommodate your business model. Moreover, the platform provides different solutions for merchants from various industries, including retail, travel, hospitality, healthcare, education, F&B, and other sectors. 

And with the world becoming one large marketplace, Paytabs has indeed a global solution that will help your business grow by accepting payments from across the region like Egypt, KSA, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Turkey, Lebanon, and more.

For information about their pricing, check out their official page here.

2. Payfort


Payfort is another excellent payment solution for your internet business. 

Thi solution is designed for everyone out there who is looking to receive payment and scale their business. It is also a great tool to obtain industry insights that will help you stay updated with current trends and markets that interest you. 

Other services include process payment, installments, Monitoring étracking, collecting payments, data mining, and more. Payfort focuses on industries such as Airlines, Ecommerce, Ticketing, Insurance, and Education. 

As an eCommerce business owner, this can be a great option to ensure a safe, faultless, and secure checkout experience. It helps you boost conversion by reducing payment glitches and frictions. And thanks to its localization capacities, it offers local language and payment support to expand your audience.

For more information about the pricing, check out their official page here

3. Hyperpay


Hyperpay is an ideal global payment solution for fast-growing businesses in the MENA region. It is an all-in-one payments platform that enables eCommerce businesses to accept and manage all types of transactions online. It’s designed to help them grow and manage risk. 

Using this online payment solution, you can benefit from easier integration, settle all significant currencies, higher acceptance rate, advanced security measures. 

Moreover, it’s a fully-featured invoicing solution that enables businesses to manage all their customer billing activities through a single, web-based platform.

 It also allows merchants to accept various types of payment methods locally, regionally, and globally. 

By catering to various consumer preferences, it allows them to reach out to a wider variety of consumers and increase conversion rates.

Lastly, Hyperpay’s advanced fraud prevention solution combines machine learning and deep learning techniques to prevent fraud and safeguard your eCommerce business.

4. CashU


Maktoob.com launched CashU in 2002. It empowers over 7.000 eCommerce merchants globally to access a large base of online consumers in MENA that have restricted access to credit cards. Around 2.3 million consumers are using CASHU as an accessible and easy online payment solution.

It’s one of the best eCommerce payment gateways for online retail businesses that want to grow and scale efficiently and securely in the MENA region.

As an eCommerce merchant, you will be able to guarantee every transaction with no chargeback, transfer your collected funds to your bank account, obtain new buyers, and seamlessly set up the CashU integration, and start selling online.

You can schedule a demo to learn more about their services and pricing here.

5. Paypal


Paypal is one of the most popular eCommerce payment gateways among online businesses around the world. 

This comprehensive solution enables you to make and accept payments, manage risk, accelerate growth, and optimize processes. It empowers you to meet your business and customer needs. 

However, this solution is not available in all countries in the MENA region. That means some customers will not be able to use this solution to make an online payment.MENA countries where PayPal is not supported include Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Syria.

For more information about pricing plans, check out their official page here.

6. Payoneer


Payoneer’s mission is to “empower businesses to go beyond – beyond borders, limits, and expectations.

This payment solution has over 5 Million global customers and counting, including small businesses, marketplaces, and enterprises. It offers a set of dedicated services that cover international payments, capital advance for Walmart and & Amazon, tax & contractors payment, and risk management. 

Customers can leverage its robust technology, compliance, operations, and banking infrastructure. Its four main industries include freelancers & service providers, online sellers, digital marketers, and vacation rental hosts.

For more information about their fees, check out their official page here.

7. Stripe


Stripe was launched in 2011 to empower enterprises of every size to accept payment and facilitate their business management. Thanks to its cloud-based infrastructure, this e-commerce online payment solution ensures merchant’s reliability, scalability, and safety. 

It offers applications that help eCommerce businesses control revenue, restrain fraud, and grow internationally. As a powerful payment engine, Strips provide online payment, in-person payment, payments for platforms, billing, and invoicing as a powerful payment engine.

For more information about its pricing plans, check out their official page here.

8. Skrill


“Make it. Move it. Send it. Spend it.” That’s how Skrill rolls.

This eCommerce payment gateway makes money transfer easy, secure, and instant. Trust by millions of users worldwide; Skrill provides advanced payment solutions to satisfy all your business needs.

If you have an international eCommerce business, Skrill empowers you to manage over 40 currencies from just a single account. Its four main products include:

  • Quick checkout
  • Digital wallet
  • Rapid transfer
  • Shopping carts.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy by integrating Skrill as an eCommerce payment solution to your online business include:

  • You can easily manage over 40 multi-currency account
  • Enjoy advanced reporting and analytics for better decision making
  • Improved fraud prevention
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Seamless integration
  • Secured payments

For more information about pricing, check out their official page here.

9. Adyen


Adyen is another global payment solution that has recently extended its offering to the Middle East merchant by establishing a new office in Dubai. 

As one of the eCommerce payment gateways in the Middle East, Adyen has empowered merchants to offer their customers various payment methods that suit their preferences. 

In fact, Adyen has integrated with several important local payment modes, including Fawry, Mada, Meeza, KNET, NAPS, BENEFIT, and OmanNet.

Choosing the Right Payment Gateway Solution is VITAL.

A great checkout experience is as important to your customers as it is to your business. 

And with the right payment solution that meets your business structure and your customer’s preferences, not only do you ensure your customer satisfaction, but also you’re boosting conversion and enhancing your business growth.  

That’s why it’s crucial to think about your particular business needs and partner with a payment gateway solution that will help you meet your demands and scale your business. 

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