Selling products on Amazon can be perceived as a blessing in disguise, as many retailers in China have been facing several hardships; some are unexpected -sometimes uncontrollable- and others are brought by new regulations.

Amidst the hassle, Amazon retailers need to improvise, adapt and overcome those challenges in order to save their e-commerce businesses. 

As much as Fulfillment By Amazon’s service supported sellers worldwide to break new grounds, some e-sellers still lag behind.

What Are the Challenges Amazon Sellers in China Face When Using FBA?

Numerable are the e-sellers in China, who encountered pitfalls when opting for Fulfillment By Amazon, mainly due to an inability to easily expand and store bigger quantities; which is understandable for someone who is always striving to grow while being under-water responsibilities.

To top it all, the high costs inflicted upon them make only things worse whether for early-starters or e-commerce masterminds. It is at this juncture that FBA prep services are needed more than ever!

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What are FBA Prep services?

FBA Prep services were designed to fix the aforementioned issues. Amazon sellers have now the opportunity to store, label, and pack their merchandise efficiently in an outsourced warehouse.

Inventory space optimization, labeling, packaging, and warehouses location will be the last things to think about when outsourcing your FBA prep services, as these fall under the umbrella of third-party’s responsibilities.

Note that in-house FBA prep services or DIY packaging are not an optimal solution if you’re aiming for growing and scaling up your online store.

What are the requirements for FBA Prep Services?

To guarantee that their logistics process is aligned, Amazon has set a list of guidelines, among which are the following:

General Obligations: each and every product needs to have its own Fulfillment Network Stock 

Keeping Unit (FNSKU). Products that are the same but differ in size or color also have their own FNSKU.

Products Sold as Set: Products sold as set need to bear one of these labels “Sold as a Set,” “Do Not Separate” or “Ready to Ship.”

Guidelines for Poly-Bagged: The poly-bag has to be transparent, at least 1.5 mils thick, and well sealed. It also needs to have a scannable barcode visible underneath or outside the packaging.

If you’re selling adult products as defined by Amazon “items with images of live, nude models, packaging that displays profanity or obscene messaging” you can use whether dark or opaque poly-bags

Expiration Dated Products: Expiration dates must be printed on the product packaging under the form of MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY.

LOQ Restrictions: the limit order quantity rule applies to dangerous goods such as products containing flammable gases, liquids, and solids, as well as organic peroxides and others.

Prohibited Products: radioactive, explosive, and flammable substances and toxic gases are clustered among the most dangerous products, hence banned by Amazon.


Know more about these guidelines with our quality control experts!


What to Expect from FBA Prep Services Providers?

The standardized FBA Prep essentials are products’ inspections, labeling, packing, and bundling, as well as printing services.

Knowing the nitty-gritty of Amazon regulations and helping sellers adjust accordingly is a hard-won mission for 3PL partners.

So if you’re aiming to upscale your business and reduce FBA costs while still selling on Amazon, you need to partner with a fba prep logistics provider that has been hacking the FBA process and that allocates agents who know Amazon guidelines like the back of their hands.

How to Spot the Need for Outsourced FBA Prep Services?

If you’re domestically packing your products, you are most likely to fall into the trap of inadequate packaging, which eventually leads to product rejection.

Worse still, having your product re-packed again to meet Amazon requirements costs more money.

If you’re starting to lose profit because of this issue, it is high time you shift to external FBA prep services.

Besides, Amazon sellers targeting UK customers may face serious labeling problems.

During Christmas, which is a “perfect storm” for retailers and drop shippers, goods can remain unfulfilled for more than 7 days because of the high demand over warehousing and packing services.

This directly affects your order lead time and ends up decreasing your customer retention. If you’re thinking long-term, then outsourced FBA prep services are the answer to your concerns.

What are the Benefits of Outsourced FBA Prep Services?

As stated above, FBA prep services came as a positive reaction to bridge the gap between Amazon warehousing and the need to pick and pack in a cost-effective and hassle-free way.

Time-saving: Automation is the redemption to FBA hassle, as you will be constantly updated on fulfillment status by your 3PL partner. This can be through a mobile app, or website depending on the tech solution the fba prep logistics provider is offering.

Pain-Free: There is no need to spend hours trying to decipher FBA regulations. Logistics experts know them like the back of their hands in order for your to benefit from a quality-control service.

Increased Profitability: Compared to fba prep logistics providers, Amazon prices exceed including packaging costs. In order to partially optimize your fulfillment and streamline your Amazon store, it is highly recommended that you outsource your FBA Prep services.

Fulfillment Bridge: Prep, Pack, and Ship to Amazon:

With the COVID19 outbreak, Amazon had been changing its regulations, which made it kind of difficult for its sellers to be always ahead of the pack.

Relying on a third-party logistics partner has been the ultimate solution for retailers in China.

Fulfillment Bridge distribution centers and agents allow retailers in Asia and across the world to store, pick, pack and deliver their merchandise to Amazon to be sent right away to customers.

Our multi-warehousing network paired with our agents’ expertise makes FBA prep services a piece of cake.

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