Fulfillment Bridge Joins Forces with Leading Tech-enabled Partners to Provide the First Compliant International Payment on Delivery in Morocco

MOROCCO, December 17, 2021

Fulfillment Bridge, an end-to-end cross-border eCommerce logistics provider and a first-place winner of AfricArena Serie A Startup Award, launches the first International Payment on Delivery (POD) solution in Morocco. Moroccan customers who order on international eCommerce websites no longer need to worry about prepayment, returns, or fraud. They will be able to check and pay their orders at collection points of their choice in Morocco.

This is a big step forward in our efforts to enable Moroccan customers to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience and provide them with more convenient choices that are safe and compliant when they make international purchases online,” said Kais Khadhraoui, CEO & Founder of Fulfillment Bridge.

The eCommerce industry in Morocco is showing a lot of potential and has been growing steadily, with this growth being fueled by increased internet penetration at a rate of 74.7%. In 2020, this industry generated over US $1B in revenue, and many believe that growth has not yet reached its full potential. In addition, with the increased availability of eCommerce offerings, credit card penetration, and the growing appetite of online shoppers, more consumers in Morocco are following this trend. 

However, to maintain this growth, continuous improvement and innovative solutions are needed more than ever. In this context, Fulfillment Bridge upholds its mission to join forces with other tech entrepreneurs to disrupt the cross-border eCommerce landscape and provide the first international payment on delivery solution in Morocco. “Fulfillment is the last leg of the e-commerce process,” says Kais, “Once an order has successfully been placed, we want it to be as easy and convenient for customers to receive, check on, and pay their orders on the spot.”

This new solution saw the light after almost one year of continuous effort and several business trips to meet with the subject matter experts of the industry in Morocco. “Even though some problems are easier to solve than others, there is not an impossible thing to do. Offering international payment was almost impossible, but we are not in the business of impossible,” says Kais. He continues to say, “We are thrilled to join forces with like-minded partners to work on this project and make it a reality. The aim here is to improve the customer experience and promote e-commerce in Morocco and the region overall.

Built upon the idea of a POD (International Payment on Delivery) solution, Fulfillment Bridge has partnered with the well-established and trusted local eCommerce logistics service provider, ChronoDiali, and the leading payment solution provider, Cashplus. Together, they managed to harness the technology to provide customers in Morocco with an opportunity to shop on international eCommerce websites while enjoying the convenience and the peace of mind of paying only for something they like. Moreover, with this new service, Fulfillment Bridge enables an easy way for international retailers to tap into the Moroccan market and a simplified delivery process for Moroccan customers. 

Nabil Amar,  CEO of CashPlus, is also pleased with this new collaboration that he believes will have a positive domino effect on the eCommerce industry in Morocco. He says: “We are very delighted to partner with Fulfillment Bridge. This partnership will bring a new phygital experience to our customers in the last mile delivery & an innovative payment method for the first time in Morocco.”

“We are here to build something for the long term, and collaborating with Fulfillment Bridge team represents one of our tremendously strategic milestones towards our incomparable vision aiming to subvert and develop e-commerce in Morocco.” says Yassine Aichouche CEO of ChronoDiali, he follows with “The mainstay of ChronoDiali has always been a focus on how customers experience our service throughout their journey, it is what lasts after all. Therefore, the choice of this stairway hand in hand with Fulfillment Bridge.”

This is part of a longer-term plan envisioning to build in Morocco a regional hub for international e-commerce players to serve neighboring countries as well. A few key advantages come to fuel this plan, like Morocco’s geographical position as Northwest Africa’s Gateway, a political vision to promote international trade reflected in the creation of several free trade zones, and finally, the airfreight network that is well developed from/to Morocco.

A similar hub was recently established by Fulfillment Bridge in Saudi Arabia to serve the GCC region. “We believe that eCommerce is an undervalued economic lever in Africa and the Middle East. We are committed to boosting cross-border eCommerce from to and within the region by providing innovative value-added services adapted to our markets.” The Fulfillment Bridge team is growing with strategic partners across multiple regions to ensure operational excellence and efficient delivery. “This is just the start of our journey, and we’re ready to work together with anyone who shares our vision and mission, who wants to make a difference, think big, and take a leap towards the future. It’s going to be a long but rewarding road ahead,” concludes Kais Khadhraoui, CEO & Founder of Fulfillment Bridge.


About Chrono Diali: 

A subsidiary of Barid Al-Maghrib (BAM) and Geopost Intercontinental, Chronodiali is a carrier and logistics solutions provider whose mission is to combine the basics of the postal courier business with the dynamics of a private player, with a complete, competitive, and resolutely technological offer aimed at both businesses and the general public.

About Cashplus: 

Cash Plus is a Bank Al-Maghrib-approved payment institution that offers its clients a complete range of financial and para-financial services. It’s been in service for more than 17 years and today has more than 4000 points of sale in its network, including 2200 agencies. They offer quality service in cash collection, payment, refund of taxes, International money transfer, and more.

About Fulfillment Bridge: 

Fulfillment Bridge is a cross-border end-to-end eCommerce logistic solution that offers a complete suite of logistic services globally, with a focus on the Middle East and Africa. The aim is to provide an all-inclusive platform from which businesses can reach out directly to new markets without worrying about the complexities associated with cross-border commerce or the intricacies of local payment and delivery.

Fulfillment Bridge’s aim is to revolutionize the way eCommerce is done in this region and make it more accessible and attractive to retailers and customers alike.      

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