Fulfillment Bridge is among the leading names in the global logistics and order fulfillment business. When it is all about efficiency, quality, fast, and affordable supplies and logistics – Fulfillment Bridge tops the entire ecommerce marketplace. 


Harnessing the power of their esteemed pre and post fulfillment abilities, comprising but not limited to exceptional warehousing and shipping processes Fulfillment Bridge services are absolutely quick, seamless, and manageable. The simple solutions that strike a perfect chord with customers gives the latter an edge over their competitors today.

Kais Khadhraoui and his business partner established Fulfillment Bridge in 2016 as their first ecommerce business. Based in Hongkong, the business started with serving products related to mobile and travel accessories and today their sales have significantly jumped from a few dozens to few hundred a day.

Fulfillment Bridge has now emerged to be a strong bridge between global sellers and providers. It caters to resolve several ecommerce problems such as shipping, dealing with providers in diverse time zones, juggling with international regulations, and an inclusive system to fulfill supplies. The team Fulfillment Bridge is proudly heading towards empowering online businesses worldwide and enabling them to access distinguished technical solutions that facilitate order fulfillment management and help them grow.

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Fulfillment Bridge has been tested and included in GoodFirms listings based on the fact that it excels in supply chain management and order fulfillment solutions all across the globe. The researchers at GoodFirms expect the firm will soon be included among the globally renowned supply and logistics companies of the world. The essence of their main services can be read below:

Global Supply Chain Services:

As an established supply chain and logistics company, Fulfillment Bridge offers an unbeatable fulfillment strategy that helps  its client  beat the competition.

From multi-warehousing facility, packaging, to final delivery, team Fulfillment Bridge provides quick and reliable services to its business partners. The logistics network across 14 countries ensures that these services are well-recognized and are well-acclaimed by the global audience. The state-of-the-art logistics software and client-centered solutions enhance their credibility among their customers.

The staff at Fulfillment Bridge is well-aware of the on-going market trends and assures you of irresistibly impressive solutions to fulfill your business needs.

Ecommerce Services:

As an all-in-one logistics provider, Fulfillment Global gives you absolute control over your global e-commerce. It benefits businesses of all sizes and levels and lets your ecommerce shops easily connect with different marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Same-day shipping from China, US, Australia or any other country is possible due to tailored logistics and freight forwarding solutions.

The company’s cloud-based logistics platform, convenient and hassle-free inventory management, powerful order fulfillment, and connectivity of all your sales channels on a single platform fuels all associated businesses’ e-commerce growth in the long run.

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