Dunnage is a common term for merchants who carry out a DIY fulfillment process, and for freight shippers. As it is a crucial step for fulfillment centers that indirectly affects customer satisfaction, this phase guarantees that the goods delivered are in an intact state. As a matter of fact, the need for dunnage increases with the fragility of the goods you’re shipping. Loading, transportation, and unloading goods require a very well protection system that decreases the risk of damage.

What is Dunnage?

When transporting the merchandise, dunnage acts like a shield to protect the goods from any damages. The materials out of which dunnage are created depend on the size of the packages and the nature.

The global dunnage packaging market is segmented into main regions such as Asia Pacific, Europe, North, and Latin America, followed by the rest of the world (middle east and africa). Due to the presence of a significant number of manufacturers in the region, Asia-Pacific is the leading area in terms of market share. North America, on the other hand, is expected to have the greatest growth rate throughout the projected period 2021-2027. The efforts invested in the rising R&D to foster innovation in packaging material, as well as tight government restrictions, will generate profitable growth chances for the Asia-Pacific Dunnage Packaging market.

Why is Dunnage Important?

If they receive faulty packing, 39% of online shoppers will not make another buy. Damages are always lurking around, which explains why dunnage is used to protect products during loading, transportation, and unloading.

Vibration absorption:

 It prevents objects from moving during transportation, whether they are delivered by sea, air, or land. Dunnage airbags provide outstanding value and are less expensive than specialized goods. They can endure up to three pounds per square inch of pressure and include a built-in inflating mechanism. They’re also 100% recyclable, giving them a greener alternative to other choices and void fillers.

Protection from moisture:

Dunnage, in general, protects items and packaging against contamination and dampness. Dunnage helps to build customer connections by protecting goods from harm and allowing for simpler loading of fragile items.

it is noticeable that sometimes there are useless spaces between cargos (around 10 cm or more). In order to eliminate the risk of getting shocks between two cargos, it is important to add an airbag for instance in between.

Most delivered and stored items are dunnaged in some way by shippers and 3PLs. The sole exception may be for bigger objects, such as automobiles and heavy equipment, which must be delivered individually. Dunnage is crucial for businesses aiming to pack, ship, and store these items: 

  • Home & office Furniture
  • Chemicals
  • Medical equipments
  • Glass-made products
  • Crafts
  • Eletronics

Wooden Dunnage

When used as dunnage during shipment, wood provides adaptability. To build barriers, wood blocks can be placed between goods. Wood pallets are also used by shippers to lift items while employing forklifts. This type of dunnage doesn’t have to be too fresh or directly exposed to the open air as humidity can be retained in wood. Thus, its function as a moisture barrier will be reversed. Wooden dunnage must be dry (water 12-15%, air-dried)

Bubble Wrap


It is frequently used whether in DIY or 3PL fulfillment especially to protect fragile products. Bubble wrap is made up of air-filled plastic pockets. They act as a cushion, keeping objects safe and providing shock resistance.

Air Pillows


Dunnage bags, also known as dunnage airbags, are air pillows used to protect products during shipping or transportation. Dunnage bags can be made of a variety of materials, the most popular of which are paper, vinyl, and poly woven in the packaging business. Each dunnage bag has an internal bladder that may be inflated and deflated to the desired level. Dunnage bags are extremely useful and cost-effective solutions for blocking and bracing whole pallets of merchandise.


Foam dunnage comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Typically, it refers to the foam being used as raw material to prevent component movement and damage during handling in manufacturing procedures. They are frequently intended to be utilized within an exterior tote bin, tray, or box. This type of dunnage also helps with human or automatic handling within a production environment, as well as returnable supply chain packaging.

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Steel, one of the most costly dunnage materials, is often used for hefty, high-end, high-value items. Dunnage platforms are intended to provide intermediate support between the equipment and the roof steel. Dunnage platforms, which offer continuous support beneath rooftop equipment, can be provided galvanized or fully constructed with seismic isolators pre-attached.

How Does Fulfillment Bridge Help with Dunnage

Product damage accounts for 34% of all packaging-related returns. That’s why, Fulfillment Bridge prioritizes dunnage when shipping, to make sure that products get delivered in the best way possible and that customer satisfaction is sustained. Multi-material varieties are at the disposal of clients offering custom-made dunnage.

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