Shipping strategies can be a huge headache for online retailers, especially for those who run an international business and ship shipments all over the world. 

However, with the right shipping strategies in place, you’ll have less to worry about. In this article, we will learn about some of the most effective ways to make sure that when it comes to Shopify logistics, your shipments get to their destinations on time and without any problems.

The Importance of Shipping Strategies:

Shipping strategies should always be taken into consideration before beginning any shipping process – they make all the difference in the world! 

For example, if you sell products from China and ship them internationally, there may be special regulations involved if those goods need to pass through countries like Singapore or Vietnam prior to arriving at their destination point. 

In this case, the shipping strategy that you choose is going to be vitally important.

In order to determine which carrier and shipping strategy are best suited for your international shipment, it’s important to consider factors such as destination, the weight of goods, the value of shipments. 

For example: What if you’re an online retailer who sells products from China? 

You’ll want a reliable courier service with well-established routes in Asia so that they can get your merchandise into other countries without any problems or delays.”

Here are some of Shopify logistics shipping strategies you can consider:

#1 Ship with a reliable courier service:

Shipping with a reliable courier service can help you avoid the hassle of trying to find a local company. Courier services offer international shipping and delivery, so your customers don’t need to worry about customs or tariffs. 

They also have established relationships with carriers in other countries, which means they’ll be able to deliver on time — something that could present problems for an individual without experience shipping internationally.

Check out these experienced courier companies: 

  • DHL Express, 
  • FedEx International Priority Service, 
  • and UPS International Express. 

Pick one based on what best fits your needs and budget. But remember – it’s always better to go through an expert when dealing with foreign countries!

Benefits of using a reputable express cargo/courier service:

  • Shipping is fast (both overseas and domestically)
  • They handle customs clearance, international delivery (including tracking), wrong address returns, door to door service.
  • Offer a variety of shipping options based on your needs: from economy services to freight forwarding for heavy or time-sensitive items like furniture.

Benefits of using an expert courier service when dealing with foreign countries:

  • Expertise in handling the complexities of overseas shipping and logistics – so you won’t have any trouble along the way!
  • You can count on them delivering as promised because they’ve been doing it for years! When they say something will be there by Saturday, that’s what they mean. No surprises here 🙂

The cons are mainly that these companies charge more than you would pay for a local company. But when you factor in the other benefits, it may be worth it!

You can always refer to logistics experts or a Shopify plus sales expert for more information. Once you decide on the courier service for your e-commerce Shopify store, you can order fulfillment and ship orders with ease.

#2 Provide tracking information to your customers:

shipping tracking

Your customers will be able to track their orders with your tracking number. This is a great way for them to have peace of mind and know where the package is at all times – not just when it leaves customs!

Moreover, your customers can buy from you knowing that they’re protected against any lost or stolen packages. 

With more than 25,000 companies on Shopify, this feature prevents your competitors from using false locality information in an attempt to trick potential buyers into buying products from overseas sellers instead of yours.

The cons are mainly that shipping internationally takes longer and there’s no guarantee about delivery timeframes/dates so don’t depend on international shipments if speed is important or guaranteed arrival time is a necessity.

#3 Use a shipping label printer to make the process faster:

shipping label printer

Shipping labels can be expensive and time-consuming if you’re manually creating them.

Fortunately, merchants who use Shopify to power their eCommerce store have the option of using a shipping label printer that integrates seamlessly with your system’s inventory management tools. This will not only save you money on paper costs but also make it much easier to get orders packaged up in no time at all!

Customers love when merchants take this extra step – after all, speed is one of the most important aspects of any customer satisfaction survey!

However, merchants using this label printer also need to be aware of the possible dangers such as potential theft and a lack of accountability. Depending on your store’s location or specific needs, there may be more effective alternatives available.

#4 Offer free returns for all products:

An easy way to increase customer satisfaction is by providing free returns for all products. This eliminates the risk of customers being stuck with a product that doesn’t work or isn’t what they were expecting – as well as any return shipping fees!

But merchants should be aware of the increased costs associated with processing these additional orders and refunds, which could outweigh their potential benefits. 

In addition, merchants might not want some items offered in this manner because there are certain types of merchandise that can experience higher rates of theft from consumers who know there’s no chance they’ll have to pay for it if they don’t like it.

Finally, merchants would need an order fulfillment center capable of handling returned goods before even considering offering free returns on all products without limitations.

#5 Bundle items when possible to save on shipping costs:

One way merchants can save on shipping costs is by bundling items whenever possible. This not only reduces the total number of shipments but also saves money!

This isn’t always an easy task because it takes some time to find like-items that sell together well or are complementary enough to be bundled.

And then there’s still the issue of actually packaging them up in a bundle as well as allocating inventory for each individual product type (i.e., this would require merchants stocking more than one size/color).

But when executed correctly, merchants will see increased customer satisfaction with reduced rates during checkout due to lower order totals which means savings across many different areas including improved conversion rate from higher revenue per sale. 

#6 Partner with reliable and cost-effective 3PL provider:

One of the best ways merchants can handle their Shopify logistics and improve their shipping rates is by partnering with a reliable and cost-efficient third-party logistics provider.

In order to do this, merchants will need to find an experienced partner that’s able to provide quality services at competitive costs which also happen to specialize in managing international shipments from Asia (or whichever region you’re trying to ship internationally). 

This strategy ensures your package arrives on time without any additional issues such as theft or damage due to customs clearance processing delays.

However, merchants must take care when choosing their partners carefully because there are many companies out there specializing only in domestic fulfillment.

So make sure they’re equipped for overseas deliveries before proceeding otherwise it could lead not just be costly but potentially damaging as well!

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