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We Provide Reliable eCommerce Fulfillment & Shipping Services For Online Sellers Looking To Ship Products From China to UAE

7 Day B2C eCommerce Shipping From China To UAE

Fulfilling & Shipping eCommerce products from China to the UAE is made easier with our all-in-one eCommerce shipping & fulfillment platform that lets you integrate with all major shipping carriers & ecommerce builders to sell your online store products without carrying the burden of the whole process.

Ultra-Flexible, On demand Warehousing & Distribution

We provide affordable short & long term warehousing solutions with fulfillment and distribution services to help small, medium and large eCommerce businesses grow and scale in the market.

Store a little or a lot – and only pay for the space and time you need.

ONE Dashboard for A Multi-destination Warehousing

Ship your orders to our warhouses network in simple clicks.

Create your account and bundle your products to different warehouses simultaneously

Prepaid & COD Shipping

With a focus on staying ahead of the competition, we are proud to offer customers adopted solutions in the region.

We support both prepaid and Cash on delivery (COD) shipping services.

Fast, Cost-Effective Returns

Returns made by your customers will be managed by us directly and redirected to our domestic warehouses .

No hassle. No financial headache.

IOR & Custom Clearance

Outsource your IOR & customer clearance handling.

We take care of these procedures, including figuring out VAT, Tax obligations, and compliance!

Connect Your Store In Minutes

We integrate directly with all major eCommerce store platforms and there is no limit to how many stores you can connect.

On your own platform or have custom requirements? No worries. Our expert will take care of you

"I recently started exporting my products to the UAE, and Fulfillment Bridge has been really helpful in getting me set up with all of the necessary documents for shipping internationally. They saved me the hassle."

-Zhen Hong
                         +852 3180 7616
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