Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant - FBM

Automated Amazon FBM Order Fulfillment

Amazon lets you sell online hassle free; the Fulfillment Bridge fulfillment by merchant automated order fulfillment system enables Amazon sellers. With the FBM total logistics solution you can pick & pack, ship & track, and much more all effortlessly. From automated order fulfillment to customs clearance and returns management, the Fulfillment Bridge - Amazon fulfillment system is  for sellers who want more control over their inventory and protection from the policy changes that can destroy your sales when you are only using Fulfillment by Amazon.

Fulfillment by Merchant Returns Management

Automate your returns management when you connect your Amazon store with Fulfillment Bridge. You automatically know where your inventory is and when it is received in your chosen warehouse. Finally you can experience reverse logistics hassle free without the challenges you may be currently experiencing when your buyers make returns via FBA.

Multi-Warehouse Network, Just Like Amazon

Access the same markets you do today when using FBA. Our Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant solutions allows you to choose to store your inventory in our growing network of warehouses on 4 continents and more than 14 countries. Take advantage of Fulfillment Bridge's storage and inventory system, which enables you to assign your products to designated areas. This helps you optimize the locations for storage, which reduce shipping costs for you  and cuts transit times for delivery to your customers so you can maintain the same level of delivery expectation that buyers currently experience from FBA.


FBM  Inventory Management

The Fulfillment Bridge Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant system connects your Amazon account to state-of-the-art inventory management. Keep an accurate track of your inventory at different locations in the Fulfillment Bridge network of warehousing facilities. Automated mapping and stocking of your inventory happen seamlessly. The system empowers you to bundle countless product combinations, which enables you to change your product offerings so you can differentiate your offer from other Amazon competitors and win the buy box for more sales.

Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant


Go Beyond Amazon with the Multisales Channel

The Fulfillment Bridge inventory management system that can plan your SKUs across different sales channels, you are can easily start selling on more platforms than just Amazon. Once your inventory is received, the system syncs automatically with multiple sales channels, whether Amazon, Shopify, Prestashop, Walmart or others. This allows the orders from multiple channels synch to a single inventory system without disruption.  

Amazon Fulfill by merchant


Get Control of Your Shipping

Access comprehensive global shipping options at the amazing discounted rates. Exercise control over your shipping costs and ensure your products are delivered within the given timeframe set by you. Enjoy flexible shipping at heavily discounted rates thanks to volume discounts Fulfillment Bridge passes onto you via partner carriers. And, when you ship via FBM, you can save on fees normally encountered when using FBA.

Ecommerce Fulfillment for PrestaShop

​Customer stories

Dan Henry Watches

Guilherme Matarazzo Oliveira - CEO of Dan Henry Watches

Fulfillment Bridge is more than service, it’s a true partner. We first started working with Fulfillment Bridge when they used to provide a software to manage our 3PL.

It quickly evolved to become a complete logistic solution to integrate our operation with several warehouses worldwide. There are, of course, natural missteps that happen in consequence of our fast-growing expansion, but these small issues were compensated by the team’s proactivity to solve them in the most effective way.

They are always ready to help when it is needed. We count on them as part of our own team.

Isn't it Time You Try The World's Most Advanced Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant Solution

Get complete control over your global e-commerce logistics and Amazon order fulfillment. Amazon sellers of all sizes can harness the combined power of Amazon + Fulfillment Bridge to make your warehousing and shipping process seamless, quick, and manageable.

Access it all  from one dashboard. 

Integrate Amazon with Fulfillment Bridge

It's Time to Get More Control Over Your Inventory and Less Risk to Your Sales When Amazon Surprises You with Policy Changes that Damage Your FBA Sales

Powerful order fulfillment and inventory management software to fuel your Amazon sales.

Fast, cost-effective and reliable global order fulfillment solution so you can easily Merchant Fulfill on Amazon. Global physical presence in more than 14 countries in 4 continents. All-in-one cloud-based global supply chain management and logistics platform with easy integration to your Amazon sales account.