No long term contracts with Fulfillment Bridge. You are free to close your account at any time. No penalties. No commitment. However, we do appreciate a prior notice of 30 days upon your account closure decision.

  • Our warehouses:

    Receiving hours: 8 am-4 pm local time.
    Open: 6 days per week

  • Our Office:

    Open: Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm CET. Weekend off.
    Our daily shipping deadline on business days is 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM depending on the warehouse location.


If you own an eCommerce store or have a crowdfunding project and you are looking for cross border fulfillment services , then the answer is yes. Some of the popular products we manage include watches, fashion accessories, electronics, toys, home goods, accessories, and apparel.

Not sure if your products fit the criteria? Send us an email at or give us a call. We are happy to answer all your questions and inquiries.

If you are shipping fragile items, please make sure each fragile product is pre-packed in protective packaging (such as sealed bubble bags, etc.) that can pass a 1.5 meters drop-test. Fulfillment Bridge will not be responsible for any damaged items due to this setup.

Yes. There are a number of products that we do not offer fulfillment services for, which include:

  • Hazardous products.
  • Any products related to illegal activities including fraudulent or counterfeit products.
  • Any product, which is illegal under the applicable laws in the jurisdiction where our warehouse is located, or the product’s place of origin.
  • Any product requiring a license or other regulatory approval in the jurisdiction where our warehouse is located, the product’s place of origin, or its destination (e.g., precious metals, drugs, and pharmaceutical products, firearm, and ammunition).
  • Temperature and/or pressure-sensitive items and liquids, including without limitation aerosol spray and other pressurized products.
  • Any product with specific storage or transportation restrictions and/or limitations (e.g., lithium-ion batteries).
  • Vintage or antiques.
  • Flammable liquids including, without limitation, perfumes.
  • Perishable food products and/or climate-controlled warehouse products such as frozen goods.
  • Any product requiring ID verification (e.g., tobacco and e-cigarettes, alcohol, and knives).
  • Any product loaded with or containing the monetary value (e.g., cash equivalents, gift cards, money orders, checks, coins).
  • Adult, adult-themed, and/or sexually provocative products.

Please note: Shipping carriers and specific destinations may have additional limitations and prohibitions beyond those of Fulfillment Bridge, for which you are solely responsible under the applicable local laws, terms and conditions, and policies/or governmental bodies.

You are expected to conduct independent research to ensure that the products sent to our warehouse comply with the foregoing limitations.

Order Management

Fulfillment Bridge doesn't accept orders by phone, email, or fax. You can either enter them manually, import them automatically from your shopping cart, or upload them in a CSV file to our platform.

Once you create your account and import your orders, you can easily access your data anytime, from any device. We offer a real-time tracking number so you can monitor and stay up-to-date with your stock levels, orders, and shipments.

Return Management

Our return management process is uncomplicated, accurate, and flexible.

  1. We identify the products with the Return Merchant Authorization Number (RMA)
  2. We instantly send you a notification email once the returned product is in one of our facilities again.
  3. Inspection and evaluation of the products
  4. Decisions on returned products: dispose of/restock/repurposed


We are conveniently located in 16 countries around the world:

  • Americas: United states: NJ, NY, LA / Canada
  • Europe: United Kingdom / France / Italy / Spain / Czech Republic/ Poland
  • Asia: China: Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Australia/ Saudi Arabia/ United Arab Emirates
  • Africa: Egypt / Morocco / Tunisia

Our warehouses are situated close to major international airports, allowing for fast turnaround times on outbound shipping and the receiving of imported goods.

The short answer is no. Our primary concern is to protect our clients’ products, brands, and IP confidentiality. So we adopt a stringent entry policy to specific areas in our warehouses, only for clients, prospective clients, members of the press, etc.

Regardless, we are more than happy to meet you and discuss any of your questions, concerns, or simply to get to know each other. You can call or email us to set up a meeting at your convenience.

Pricing & Payment

Certainly yes. You will benefit from discounted shipping rates thanks to our solid partnerships with global and major carriers. Our global volumes allow us a very competitive rate that we pass to our clients.

Upon registering for an account, you can access our Shipping Rates Calculator. It allows you to see all the options available to the designated destination, including, cost, weight, and delivery times.

We accept payment via PayPal, credit card, or wire transfers.

Fulfillment Bridge supports multi currencies. depending on the country of operation. for international shipping we use USD

No. Today it is up to the user to choose the shipping option Currently we have a new feature under development that picks the optimal option based on the client preference including different parameters: shipping cost, lead time, support incoterm ( DDP vs DDU)...


We have a broad and strong alliance with international shippers partners both domestically and internationally.
This includes carriers such as USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS.
Our diversity of resources and big volumes enable our clients to experience speedy shipment at a very competitive pricing.

As soon as your products arrive at one of our warehouses, they are marked as "Received". Then, once the products are inspected, and the quantities are verified, we send you an email to update you and inform you that they are ready to ship. All in the same day.

Yes, we can ship your goods from your Chinese supplier to any of our warehouses around the world. We also handle the freight forwarding and customs clearance on your behalf, offering a one-stop logistic service.

that depends on the shipping option used, but in most cases it is difficult to alter the shipping address once the parcel is shipped out.

Yes. Once the order is processed the information will be sent automatically to the seller's shop and the end customer with the tracking number, tracking link and which products had been shipped.

Fulfillment Bridge offers a wide range of shipping options, an online seller while placing the order can choose the appropriate shipping option depending on the lead time. Once an order is shipped we cannot expedite it.

TAX, Customs,Insurance

Indeed, that's one of the key add-on services that we offer to our existing clients. We can assist you with the importing, customs clearance, and freight forwarding process.

When importing goods to the United States, Customs requires that you have a valid US Federal Tax ID and US mailing address. You can also list our warehouse addresses as storage locations on various documentations. If you do not have one of these documents, please contact us to see how we can assist you.

Amazon Related

We offer FBA prep services such as kitting, labeling, and attaching required FBA documentation to outer boxes. These services are offered as add-ons for existing clients, but not as a standalone service.

Yes. We provide FBA preparation services. Reach out to our sales team for more details


Yes. We offer kitting, bagging, and labeling services. However, these services are offered as add-ons for our existing clients, and not as a standalone service. Reach out to us on our for details and pricing.

We provide standard packaging to orders we ship. However, some clients require custom packaging, so they often opt for ready-to-ship packaging options, and we certainly support that.

Simply put, products that come to us in branded outer packaging are shipped as-is. The product arrives at your customer’s door beautifully custom-branded.

The protection of our clients’ confidential information and privacy is of paramount importance. We impose the strictest measures to safeguard all clients’ data. On-site cameras and staff prevent any unauthorized intrusion into our warehouse, operational, and management facilities.

Yes. Since we are running an international business and the EU represents one of the biggest markets where we are operating, Fulfillment Bridge adopted best practices in terms of GDPR.

We provided standard mailers, padded bubble envelopes and standard cartons. We also allow the usage of customized packaging.


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