Take the Pain Out of VAT Compliance

Global VAT Compliance

Are you tax compliant in the countries where you are selling online?

Maintaining VAT compliance can get complicated.

And when you are out of compliance, in the worst case your sales in that territory can be shut down or penalties and fees can mount.

With Fulfillment Bridge's Global VAT solution you get peace of mind without the complexity.

  • Ensure your online sales are tax compliance in the countries where you are selling
  • Track the sales level and identify when and where you as an online seller are mandated to file a tax return
  • Easy no hassle paperless tax return filing

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What is VAT?

VAT stands for Value Added Tax.

It's a tax charged on goods and services in the European Union and in other regions around the world.

You must pay VAT when your revenues within a country that requires VAT reaches a certain threshold, which varies by country.

As with all taxation, things can get complicated especially for cross border sellers. To help e-commerce store owners that sell across borders, global VAT compliance is easy with our one-stop shop integrated solution.

Why do I have to pay VAT?

VAT provides a source of revenue for governments, it's a tax.

To sell into certain territories past a predetermined revenue threshold, then it's the cost of doing business in that country so the authorities can function and enforce their laws around trade.

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Kais Khadhraoui, CEO & Founder

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