How Renewable Energy Ships Shopify Orders and Manages Their Global Logistics with Fulfillment Bridge 

Renewable Energy


Energy Efficient Lighting

Eduardo Forti


Renewable Energy is making a difference in the world by selling energy efficient lighting to customers in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

The Challenge of Shopify Fulfillment and a Multi-Continent Supply Chain

"We started getting volume. And that’s when I started looking for fulfillment centers and one of them was Fulfillment Bridge. We were on a Skype call and had a connection. It was great. We started working from there."

Renewable Energy USA is a US based company that sells energy efficient lighting to customers throughout the world via their Shopify website.

Case Study Fulfillment Bridge

What challenges were you facing that led you to search for an order fulfillment solution?

We were having high order volume and we started working with a warehouse in Miami. We didn’t know too much about fulfillment and basically the Miami guys were recommended, I trusted them. But it was bad from the start.

They were like stealing from us, charging higher fees, crazy stuff. They didn’t ship the packages correctly; for example, if you receive an order from last Saturday they rather ship it a week later, I mean stuff like that that doesn’t make any sense. I decided to stop working with them.

Then we started working with a company in Shenzhen, China. They were terrible. They didn’t even have software. We only stayed with the company for one or two months. We noticed that they were scamming us as well, I was worried about the inventory. I did not know if they cheated; they moved all the inventory. I don’t care. I lost a lot of money with them. Yeah. It’s something that happens I guess. 

And that’s where I really started looking for a functional fulfillment centers and one of them was Fulfillment Bridge and Kais, the founder, got in touch right away. We were on a Skype call. We had a connection. It was great. We started basically working from there.

How did Fulfillment Bridge Help Renewable Energy?

They teach us how to use the software.

We had issues with the software at the beginning but the software is very easy to use. You upload all the orders and just start shipping. It’s very easy to use for real.

We are using two warehouses right now. The one in Los Angeles and the one in Shenzhen.

Why did you ultimately choose Fulfillment Bridge over any alternatives?

"The team at Fulfillment Bridge is proactive.

They will offer you the best thing that will benefit you and your business. They are going to act on behalf of your benefit.

They are going to tell you, 'hey, I think you should ship with this courier and you have to do this and we are going to do this and this is going to work for you.'

This is the thing I was looking for because it’s honesty - they are looking for a long term partnership and I’m happy to go with them and everything works great.

Everything has been working smoothly. So I don't have any complaints at all because they are very proactive and they look for a solution right away."

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