NO to unexpected fees YES to Accurate budget!

We understand the importance of landed costs to you in order to expand internationally and help you stay profitable.

For this reason, we offer your fully transparent and fair landed costs. No hidden expenses or additional charges.


Here's what's included

Landed costs include a combination of fees:

  • Insurance fees 
  • Shipment costs: include warehousing, pick & pack, returns, freight forwarding, and transportation. The transportation fees will depend on the shipping method (air, sea, courier)
  • Customs duties: include VAT, Tax & duties, and other regulatory fees
  • Add-ons (labeling-inspection-photography)

Fulfillment Bridge upfront and non-tricky fees improve your conversion rates and ensure happy and satisfied customers.


Invaluable shipping calculator

Fulfillment Bridge shipping calculator is a great tool to get a concrete picture of your costs.

You can easily calculate duty, taxes, and other fees without giving up control of your business or wasting time with manual quotes.

It also provides shipping options based on pricing and delivery time.

Estimate all your fulfillment costs in one click

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