Landed Cost

Globalize Your Business

When selling to your international customers, extra fees can add up and eat into your bottom line.

The Fulfillment Brigde ecommerce logistics systems lets you sell internationally with full transparency.

C‚Äčalculate your Landed Cost within the Fulfillment Bridge interface.

In the Fulfillment Bridge interface you can easily calculate duty, taxes, and other fees without giving up control of your business or wasting time with manual quotes. When you are ready to get started contact us here

What is Landed Cost:

Landed cost is essential to your businesses bottom line.

From the factory floor to your customer's door, landed cost represents the total cost of your product.

Landed Cost Includes:

  • Insurance fees
  • Shipment costs
  • Customs duties
  • And any other charges/fees encountered along the way
  • From Fintech to Logistics Tech

    "I spent more than 12 years providing cutting edge financial solutions to global banks and stock exchanges and running successfully Multimillions projects at global scale. I decided 8 years ago to start my entrepreneurial adventure in the eCommerce industry. I discovered similarities in both fields which made it easier for me to provide high quality eCommerce related services inspired from the Fintech world. My ultimate goal is to create a leading eCommerce solution following the high standards adopted in the financial industry."

    Kais Khadhraoui, CEO & Founder

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