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Maximizing Ecommerce Revenues

According to data research from Statista, ecommerce sales in the United States "are projected to grow to 970 billion US dollars in 2023."

You read that correctly; 970 billion dollars. That figure doesn’t include other countries. In the United States alone, that is how much e-tailers can expect to ring into their digital tills by 2023.

If you want to enjoy your piece of the action, it is imperative you optimize your interface for success by maximizing ecommerce revenues with the help of a few tools.

Whether you’re offering a mobile-optimized website or providing a mobile app in addition to your site, you need to ensure your ecommerce interface is optimized to generate as many sales as possible.

One way you can ensure you’re not missing out on sales opportunities is to pay attention to fresh tools for ecommerce providers, or niching down a bit more, there are many tools created specifically for for various ecommerce platforms, like, for example, Shopify plugins.

Entrepreneurs within the ecommerce startup space are constantly launching new products and services targeted at online retailers.

Check out the following selection of ecommerce tools to see which ones can help prime your revenue pump.

1. Bluecore

Bluecore online retail revenue optimization

If you want to ensure your ecommerce marketing is top-level, dive into Bluecore

This powerful platform offers e-tailers everything from email marketing and cart recovery tools to customer segmentation and live chat features, the company is constantly adding features and actively acquiring companies, like Betaout (acquired in 2018), to keep their features ahead of the competition. 

With Bluecore's detailed customer analytics graphs, you can instantly see where your customer interface needs improvement and which components are performing well.

2. Evergage

Evergage for E-Commerce Optimization

If you’re hoping to generate more online sales via email targeting, check out Evergage

Their platform lets you create personalized email campaigns to target your customer base.

With built-in features that include customer retargeting and automatic email provider integration, you’ll be upping your revenue game in no time.

Keep customers informed regarding trending items in your shop or offer delicious details on newly reduced items you think they’ll enjoy.

Connecting with your ecommerce customers via email has never been so easy.

3. Moltin


If you want to offer your loyal customers an ecommerce mobile app, check out Moltin

Their easy-to-integrate platform offers inventory tracking, shopping cart checkout, and mobile payments.

Let customers shop from their smartphone or tablet just as easily as they purchase from your website.

As the number of mobile-first customers continue to grow, it is crucial for online retailers to also offer a mobile version of their store.

4. Celery


Another fabulous way you can increase the revenue your online store generates is to offer pre-orders on upcoming products.

Celery makes it easy to accept pre-orders on products you currently do not have in stock. 

Know in advance how popular a specific item is going to be, enabling you to purchase appropriate stock levels to meet customer demands.

If you hope to maximize holiday sales and not run out of popular items, Celery is a must-add option for savvy shop owners.

5. Dynamite Circle

Dynamite Circle Ecommerce Global Community

To maximize not only your revenue opportunities but your ecommerce knowledge too, consider connecting with other e-tailers via Dynamite Circle

Their platform offers an online community where online entrepreneurs can connect and discuss the trials and triumphs of running a business online, join masterminds, attend events, network and up your online game. 

Discover tips from experts, uncover new resources you can use to increase your CRO, and pick up tips on how to optimize your store for success.

Wrapping Up

The above-listed resources are just a few of many revenue maximizing tools ecommerce vendors can utilize to improve the profitability of their store. 

Monitoring recent additions to the ecommerce startup scene is an excellent way to stay updated on new tools you can use to grow your business venture. 

How many of these resources will you be integrating into your ecommerce growth strategy this year?

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