Multisales Channel

At Fulfillment Bridge, we offer customized multi-sales channel solutions that allow you to integrate all your sales channels into a single dashboard, for a variety of industries. We bridge the gap between your multiple sales channels so that you can manage each, regardless of your sales volume, effortlessly.


From picking up and packing your products to storage, processing, and dispatching, we integrate every aspect of the process into a consolidated platform.

Import your products information from your different shops with a click of a button.
Automatically import and fulfill orders using pre-defined rules.
Once an order is fulfilled the information will flow automatically from Fulfillment Bridge to you online store.
Avoid overselling by maintaining your stock up to date.


Fulfillment Bridge developed a holistic logistics platform, which integrates effortlessly with more than 20 e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces. If your e-commerce platform is not on our list of supported platforms, you can ask us for free custom integration

Sophisticated multi-sales channel approach powered with smart software and facilitated logistics.

Easily manage all your online shops from one dashboard by connecting them to Fulfillment Bridge.

Keep track of your shipments, monitor status & sales performance with our powerful logistics platform.

Connect. Fulfill. 

Accelerate your ecommerce with Fulfillment Bridge. Worldwide global logistics made easy.

Loadpipe's Experience with Fulfillment Bridge

‚Äč "I have been talking to our shipping partner on this group buy, Fulfillment Bridge, and they have worked something pretty amazing per my request. They have gotten insurance on all our shipments of up to $1,000 USD per shipment if the goods are seized or stolen, etc at various borders. I really appreciate their efforts to make a solution like this..."

Michael Michelini - Founder of Loadpipe