Span all Around the World with an FBM Multi-Warehouse Network

Access the same markets you do today when using FBA.

Our Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant ” Amazon FBM ” solutions gives a choice to store your inventory in our growing network of warehouses across 4 continents and more than 16 countries.

Take advantage of Fulfillment Bridge’s storage and inventory system, optimize your storage location, reduce shipping costs, and cut transit times.

We help you maintain the same level of delivery expectation that buyers currently experience from FBA.


Get the support you deserve

Fulfillment Bridge takes pride in providing you with the support you need throughout your FBM journey.

We work together to provide you with answers to all your inquiries and help you with troubleshooting.

Our support system is composed of a team of experts experienced and knowledgeable with the ins and outs of FBM, FBA, and how Amazon operates overall.

To learn how Fulfillment Bridge can help you with Amazon FBM fulfillment, fill out this short form below.

Improve your Workflow with our Cutting-Edge Technology

With Fulfillment Bridge proprietary technology, you can seamlessly integrate your Amazon account and automate your workflow.

Gain better visibility and keep an accurate track of your inventory status. Automated mapping and stocking of your inventory happen seamlessly.

The system empowers you to bundle countless product combinations. It permits you to change your product offerings so you can differentiate your offer from other Amazon competitors and win the buy box for more sales.


Streamline your Delivery Process and Scale your Shipment Capacity

Access comprehensive global shipping options at discounted rates.

Exercise control over your shipping costs and ensure your products are delivered within the given timeframe you set.

Enjoy flexible shipping at heavily discounted rates thanks to volume discounts that Fulfillment Bridge passes onto you via partner carriers.

And, when you ship via FBM, you can save on fees usually charged when using FBA.

Maintain Full Control of your FBM Amazon Business

From order and inventory management to shipping to return management and more, Fulfillment Bridge empowers you to retain full control of your fulfillment process.

Worry no more about Amazon policy changes, their restrictions, and their negative impact on your business.

With Fulfillment Bridge, you lay hold of inventory stock level, your sales performance, and more.

Just getting started on Amazon? Looking for greater margins & better control over your business? Let's talk about FBM Amazon.

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