Importing your Products is as Easy as Logging In

Seamlessly connect your eCommerce multi sales channels to Fulfillment Bridge Platform. Our tech-driven solution allows you to import your products’ data with a single click. However, you can still add your products manually or in the form of a CSV file when needed.

Any changes or updates done on your multi sales channels will be automatically reflected on our platform. 

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Stay ahead of the curve with Every New Order!

Our API solution automates eCommerce orders import every time a new order is placed in your stores.

Access your order details including status, shipping details, order notes, and more. We help you manage orders from different sales channels all in one central portal effectively and efficiently.

Manage your entire fulfillment operation through one convenient platform. Reach out to us for further information and guidance.

Set It and Forget It

At the heart of Fulfillment Bridge Solution is our automation feature. We provide rich eCommerce order management capability catering to different business cases. 

Preset and apply your fulfillment rules for fast, automated, and efficient operations. We aim  to embrace optimal, dynamic, and advanced rules that scale your business.

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Make Inventory Management Synchronization a Breeze

We have the right tools to sync your inventory across multi-locations and multi-stores, preventing overselling and stock shortages. 

Using Fulfillment Bridge Inventory Management System permits you to automate the tedious manual processes. 

Also, you earn better transparency into your operations across all your warehouses.

Stay alert with Real-time Inventory Updates

At Fulfillment Bridge, we offer a real-time tracking number so you can monitor and stay up-to-date with your stock levels, orders, and shipments. Keep track of your inventory 24/7 across your multi sales channels, and don’t miss anything:

  • Stock Availability
  • Shipped commodities
  • Stock refill

Ready to manage all your eCommerce multi sales channels from one central portal?

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