Worry less about
your shipments

Whether you are shipping high-value or fragile items, we offer you paperless parcel insurance that covers the cost of lost, stolen, or damaged deliveries.

You can quickly fill in a claim and ensure your financial protection. No Special Forms Needed

Effective Commerce Parcel Insurance
Global eCommerce Parcel Insurance

We cover shipment risks all over the world

Our global services come with global coverages.

Using the trackable shipping option, we offer worldwide parcel insurance from all Fulfillment Bridge warehouses. 

Shipping items you can't afford to lose? At fulfillment Bridge, we strive to deliver your peace of mind all around the world.


Swift claim processing

You ship it; we insure it. All approved claims are processed within 7-15 business days.

We strive to cut-down any inconvenience to you and your customers by handling your claims fast and proactively. 

Parcel Insurance - Flexible coverage

A flexible coverage based on your needs

We ensure international coverage of up to 1.000 USD per parcel,  depending on your products’ size and type.

Our parcel insurance is flexible to meet your business needs.

Can't afford damaged or loss packages? Insure your parcel today.

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