Parcel Insurance

Maintain Peace of Mind No Matter Where You Are Shipping Your Ecommerce Orders

Hassle free paperless parcel insurance coverage

  • Protect your deliveries against loss and damage
  • Easy to file claim
  • No paper forms to fill out
  • Your shipments are covered worldwide

    Global coverage from all warehouses (for Fulfillment Bridge multi-warehouse users) using the trackable shipping option

    High value or simple protection: How much coverage do you need

    Small items to oversize goods your ecommerce shipments can be insured with coverage up to 10,000 USD per parcel

    No waiting months for your claims to process

    • Maintain cashflow with quick claim processing
    • Speed is the name of the game
    • All approved claims of the month are processed before 15th of next month

    From Fintech to Logistics Tech

    "I spent more than 12 years providing cutting edge financial solutions to global banks and stock exchanges and running successfully Multimillions projects at global scale. I decided 8 years ago to start my entrepreneurial adventure in the eCommerce industry. I discovered similarities in both fields which made it easier for me to provide high quality eCommerce related services inspired from the Fintech world. My ultimate goal is to create a leading eCommerce solution following the high standards adopted in the financial industry."

    Kais Khadhraoui, CEO & Founder

    Connect. Fulfill. 

    Accelerate your ecommerce with Fulfillment Bridge. Worldwide global logistics made easy.