PR Tips for Web Shop Owners

Logistics, purchasing stock, increasing traffic, and optimizing conversion are daily concerns for web shop owners who want their online business to run smoothly.

However, for many consumers the decision to buy something online can still be a difficult one.

  • What is this business?
  • Can I trust this website?
  • Who is behind this company?

Online businesses, or web shops, need public relations just as much as any other business. Good PR can give a web shop credibility and a human face.

These factors can’t be underestimated when it comes to inspiring trust in your customers.

Hence these five tips to kick-start or improve your web shop’s public relations.

1. Design a media corner for your website and optimize its content for search engines.

Many web shops don’t have a section where journalists and bloggers can find information that they can use to write about the business. This is more than an “about” page, which is primarily targeted at customers.

A media corner is like an online press kit and typically includes background information on the business, details about products, biographies of key people in the business, and promotional photos and/or videos.

Watch out for PDF files that have password protection or encryption.

Search engines can index PDF files and bring them up in search results, but they have to be accessible.

For example, Google says, “The general rule of the thumb is that if you can copy and paste the text from a PDF document into a standard text document, we should be able to index that text.”

2. Build media relationships and develop a quality story.

Instead of flooding every relevant publication with a press release every time your web shop changes but a page, try to build a more personal relationship with the editors of a selection of publications.

Choose ten to twenty publications that are a good match for your business, and follow them closely until you understand what their readers want from a story.

Then contact the editor, and try to start a conversation about some of the topics that they cover frequently.

This type of personal contact is much more effective if you want to create a quality story around business.

3. Use customers experiences to tell your story.

When you get to know your customers, you will start to notice certain trends in their buying behavior.

Some people might buy multiple products from the same range, while others always buy the exact same item. There could be an interesting story behind that buying behavior.

It is worth contacting a customer who shows a penchant for a certain product, because they could potentially put a human face on a particular issue that attracts the attention of other consumers.

4. Liven up your web shop with video.

The competition to get a top spot in search engine rankings is fierce.

More and more video results are coming up in the search results in recent years. That is because search engines, like Google and Bing, like videos that make web pages more interactive, and they award web pages that incorporate video a higher search ranking.

It is important, though, to properly tag your videos with keywords, and to use the potential of titles and descriptions to the fullest, so that the search engines can see that the video content is in fact interesting and relevant.

5. Start a blog.

If your web shop has a large number of competitors in the online market, you need to make sure that you stand out in ways that go beyond price, quality, and choice.

One great way to achieve this is to start a blog on your niche.

Present yourself as an expert, and let your consumers interact with your business on a more personal level by answering their questions and responding to their comments.

You can also use your blog to show the many different uses of your products.

Wrapping Up: PR Tips and Your Ecommerce

Consumers often can’t put their finger on why they buy from one web shop and not a competitor. Buying decisions can be made subconsciously.

In the same way, journalists and bloggers, looking for the next big thing to write about, are drawn to businesses who already know how to present themselves in human way.

That is why the most effective public relations campaign for a web shop is one that humanizes the business.

Public relations, or PR, is sometimes overlooked by owners of web shops.

By focusing all their efforts on SEO and getting that all-important traffic, they are ignoring one important factor of human buying behavior.

Because buying decisions are often made subconsciously, it is good idea for web shop owners to use PR to give their web shop a more human and personal feel.

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