The 4 regional winners of the Seedstars World Competition (SSW) 2021 have been announced. Fulfillment Bridge startup is set to represent the MENA region in the next round of the competition, the Global Finale the grand prize is $500K in funding.

Seedstars World Competition


Seedstars World Competition is the largest startup competition in emerging markets that takes place every year from June to November. This year, the Seedstar team has digitally traveled around the world, searching for the most promising early-stage startups in more than 90 emerging countries to connect and discover how to leverage the power of technology for shared interest and public goods.

These startups will take part in local, regional, and global stage competitions. Still, only one of them will be rewarded as the Global Winner and win an investment prize of USD 500,000. Throughout their journey, entrepreneurs will pitch their startups, enjoy the unique learning experience, networking, global exposure, and more.

The different stages of Seedsatrs competition

At the local stage (June to August), different startups from one country competed in their ecosystem in order to participate in the regional stage. The winners have access to Seedstar mentor network, local networking and visibility, and access to online Seedstar academy. 

At the regional level (November to December), local startup winners will compete for the global stage by pitching their startup ideas on Seedstars Life. Based on the strength and scalability of their startups, the judges will decide on the finalists for the Grande Finale.The regional winners will receive investment Readiness Training program, one-to-one mentor & investor meetings, and regional Networking & Visibility.

At the Grand Finale, which starts in April, all the winners from regional stages will have comprehensive entrepreneurial training and the chance to compete for Global Winner and the prize of up to USD 500,000 in equity investment. Grand Finale benefits include 2-day Growth Bootcamp, one-to-one mentor & investor meetings, and global networking & visibility.

The 4 Startups Selected to Advance to Seedstars regional Competition in the MENA Region 2021


Almawwan, represented by Haythem Darwech from Egypt, is the first and biggest digital platform for construction materials in Egypt

Fulfillment Bridge

Fulfillment Bridge, represented by Kais Khadhraoui from Tunisia, is a cloud-based global e-commerce logistics platform offering warehousing in 4 continents, fulfillment, shipping, return management, and more.


Droobi Health Technology, represented by Racha Zarzour from Qatar, is the world’s first suite of bilingual (Arabic & English) digital therapeutic programs, using a host of best-in-class technologies.


Biomweb, represented by Ben Barely Worker from Lebanon, is a startup that harnesses the power of nature and a suite of internet-connected devices to revolutionize the wastewater sector.

Fulfillment Bridge Representing MENA Regional Winners

After one month of personalized Investment Readiness Program, Fulfillment Bridge takes pride in representing the MENA region at the global stage. Driven by a mission, Fulfillment Bridge aims to empower online sellers all around the world to scale and expand their eCommerce businesses by facilitating the whole logistics process. 

Final Round Anticipation

Looking forward to Seedstar world Competition winner?

Don’t forget to join us at the Global Finale and discover the most outstanding startups from MENA, Latin America, Asia, CEE & Central Asia, and Africa, who will be part of the Grand Finale of the Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21.

About Seedstars:

Seedstars, the Swiss-based private company with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets, annually holds the Seedstars World Competition to continuously scout for the most promising startups around Asia, Africa, CEE, MENA, and LATAM regions.