How Subpod® Ships Oversize Ecommerce Items to Global Customers with Fulfillment Brigde 

Saadi Allan


Andrew Hayim De Vries Subpod Founder
Andrew Hayim De Vries

Founder Inventor Director

Subpod® tackles the food waste problem by enabling more people to compost easily. The driving vision aims to divert waste, rebuild soil, and grow food.

The Challenge of Shipping Oversize Products Globally

"Subpod is big and heavy. It’s not anything like the standard e-commerce company that only sells small easy to ship and light items. We sell a huge product. So the challenge is getting competitive rates for last mile fulfillment."

Subpod® is an Australian-based company, that creates an eco-friendly simple way to compost your food waste and grow nutrient-dense foods in your own space.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in 2019 the logistical challenge of delivering the The Ultimate Composting System to backers worldwide set in.

Post the company's crowdfunding launch, Subpod continues to sell and ship their composting products to customers worldwide.

Has Fulfillment Bridge  helped you in any unexpected ways?

Yes. We had problems with our grow beds - these are very heavy, huge products. Some of the outlying areas in Australia we could not deliver to... 

Our main challenge was that some of the post codes were not deliverable because of the outsize weight of our packages.

BUT Fulfillment Bridge found a solution a solution for us - using a different courier that could handle our heavy orders.

Thanks to their partnership with various couriers in Australia, we are able to deliver to customers anywhere in Australia.

Was there anything specific that stood out about Fulfillment Bridge during the decision-making process?

It was just the fact that Fulfillment Bridge offers flexibility in terms of order processing and how we are able to manage our inventory.

Did you already have an ecommerce order fulfillment solution in place?

Fulfillment Bridge was the first fulfillment partner of Subpod. 

Subpod client success

How did Fulfillment Bridge Help Subpod?

They are improving their system based on our requirements. 

We have seen improvements from time to time. They are onto it, to solving issues for us.

Fulfillment Bridge is developing features alongside our request. Not only that, their team is doing it quickly and free of charge.

Why did you ultimately choose Fulfillment Bridge over any alternatives?

We took advantage of the rates and the flexibility of the service.

Subpod ships to the USA, Canada and within Australia. Fulfillment Bridge was able to offer us a solution to deliver from the US, Canada and Australia.

And system-wise, the Fulfillment Bridge order management system works seamlessly with how we bundle SKUs and allows us to split orders.

For example, we have three bundles and Fulfillment Bridge lets us split the bundles and send them separately, in cases like right now: for some of the SKUs in our bundles, we don’t have stock. So using their system, we split the bundles and send them as a partial bundle until we restock and can fulfill the whole order.

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