How to expand your ecommerce sales internationally with a logistics and global order fulfillment provider? 

Romain Jean de Dieu

Uglow Sport Founder

The French brand Uglow Sport was founded in 2015. The company’s claim to fame is their material: it’s the world's first sportswear brand that makes 100% stitch free garments. To take advantage of going global from day one, Uglow Sport launched online and started delivering products all worldwide from day one with the help of Fulfillment Bridge.

Uglow Sport took advantage of Fulfillment Bridge ecommerce logistics to:

  • Expand internationally 
  • Globalize the entire business and optimize cross border shipping flows 
  • Level-up operations in France

The Challenge:

Consistently attracting new clients from all corners of the world.

Digital technology makes it seem like International expansion can be effortless, but once you start to enter new markets - you quickly find out, it’s challenging. 

Every new market hides within it nuanced differences. So to expand, Uglow Sport had to develop a scalable global strategy that was adaptable to the varied whims of local markets. 

Execution and optimization of operations across multiple markets are an ongoing challenge for the Uglow Sports team. 

Uglow’s Founder, Romain Jean De Dieu, recollects:

 "At the beginning, things were much easier than now. We were delivering our products to France and Hong Kong only. With all the resources we had, and strategies we developed at that time, the delivery process was flawless and easy…However, with massive growth things are no longer the same. We reached our goal which is to expand internationally, but we are struggling to ship our orders on time as their volume has become much bigger’’ 

To succeed, the Uglow Sport team realized that the major key to reach their company’s goals was a global logistic solution that could optimize their shipping while keeping complexity to a minimum.

Romain Jean De Dieu remembers some particularly painful experiences with their former fulfilment provider, ‘’Our previous supplier made our situation worse, he did not hire the best people. Each time, we had to deal with inefficient employees, to pay a lot of money without being able to deliver our products to the different locations we required."

Uglow Sport strives for excellence in their operations and have learned that to achieve the best efficiencies in their operations everything must always be well-defined and capable of adjustment to changing circumstances. 

Through experience Uglow discovered that operations are often the overlooked source of real business success: As a first step, they had to measure and control both the flow of orders, the flow of expenses as well as the profitability index so that they can react and adjust their strategy at the right time.

The solution

 A global logistics provider to help the business solve its operations difficulties and expand internationally while having a responsive and dedicated customer-service team

Uglow’s founder, Romain, believes that Fulfillment Bridge was a lifesaver. It will not only allow him to achieve his goal which is to expand internationally, but also to better control, manage and deliver world class service to his clients. Romain credits Fulfillment Bridge as the key solution to the company’s strategic international expansion. Finding Fulfillment Bridge turned Uglows dreams of a multi-country global brand to reality. 

"Fulfillment Bridge enabled us to run our business processes effectively, and to improve our customer service. It is amazing to notice such a difference, even the atmosphere within the company is less stressful, and my team is ready to tackle any new order from any corner of the globe. It's interesting to have a French-speaking team [yes Fulfillment Bridge employees speak French as well as many other languages] properly dedicated to all this. As a founder, I can notice the spectacular change that this solution provider has made today. Fulfillment Bridge is an organization that improves as it goes along; they work constantly on improving the little things we've already done." 

Another way for Romain to use Fulfillment Bridge's logistics solution is to switch everything over to France in order to save his customers from paying exorbitant customs fees. 

"We are living in a fast-growing world, I totally understand why my customers want fast and cheap delivery. We know how important it is for them to get their products in a few days of their order. We’re working on that by establishing a new center in France. This new warehouse will make it easier for us as a company to get more sales and for our customers to be always satisfied. Once this new center is ready we will be able to have our products ready to be shipped no matter where our customers are."

Uglow Sport Case Study

At a glance 

Fulfillment Bridge allows Uglow Sport to

Expand internationally 

"Uglow Sport is a brand that is growing in a digitized era, where online is becoming more than a lifestyle. Online service represents 70% of our business. And, this is the main reason behind our decision to work with Fulfillment Bridge: Working with an active, responsive, and competent team while our expansion journey can be only a pure pleasure’’

Develop the entire business and better manage fulfillment flows

"Today, what's important for an entrepreneur is to be able to keep an eye on costs and to run his business effectively. Being an entrepreneur can be an exhausting job, I have to always be up to date when it comes to controlling the flow of my orders, expenses, efficiency and finally profitability to figure out which decisions I should take in the future based on my current data’’ 

Setting up in France

"When we deploy to France, we'll be exactly where we’ve always wanted to be. My goal is to make my business available all over France. This is a long run project but with Fulfillment Bridge, it’ll be easier to achieve it in a shorter period."

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