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How to Use Product Videos for Marketing Your E-Commerce Website

According to RJMetrics analysis there are more than 100,000 websites generating "significant revenue"; while other statistics show there are now millions of e-commerce websites on the internet.

As consumers continue to transition away from brick-and-mortar businesses, analysts predict this number will increase in the coming years.

As an e-commerce operator, though, you can gain an upper hand on your competitors by using product videos for marketing.

Add Videos to Product Pages

When building your e-commerce website's product pages, add a video description of the respective product.

According to a survey conducted by Animoto, a cloud based animation tool, online shoppers are four times more likely to watch a video description of a product than read a text description.

You can still include a text description on product pages, but you should add a video description as well.

If a shopper isn't willing to read the text description, he or she can choose to watch the video.

As a result of adding video descriptions to your product pages, you'll achieve a higher conversion rate on your product.

Share Product Explainer Videos on YouTube

Creating product explainer videos and sharing them on YouTube is a highly effective way to boost your e-commerce website's sales.

Product explainer videos are a subset of product videos for marketing that, of course, explain how a product works. They can be live action or animated, but their primary purpose is to educate viewers about the inner workings of a product.

According to Wyzowl, over nine in 10 consumers watch explainer videos to learn about products when they are considering a purchase. 

When a consumer has heard of one of your e-commerce website's products but isn't fully convinced it's worth the investment, he or she may search for an explainer video of it online.

While you can share product explainer videos on a variety of platforms, YouTube typically delivers the best results.

When you share product explainer videos on YouTube, they'll not only appear on YouTube; they'll appear in Google's and Bing's search results.

Consumers may search for product explainer videos using any of these three search engines.

And, to highlight the power of YouTube even more, everyone knows Google is the most popular search engine but what's commonly overlooked is that the world's second largest search engine by search volume is YouTube. 

Knowing that little fact, it's no wonder why Google bought YouTube before it was profitable; yet, it still awes me that there many savvy e-commerce merchants I encounter in 2019 who are not exploiting this fact for more profit on their online store.

Here's an Example of a Perfectly Executed Explainer Video that Went Viral on YouTube:

To optimize your product explainer videos for high search rankings, follow these tips:


For the title, don't use more than 60 characters.


Add at least five relevant tags, one of which being the product name, to each video.


Create a long and unique description, ensuring that the product name is mentioned in the first sentence.


Add closed captions to videos.

Include Video Testimonials on Your Website

You can also use video testimonials to promote your e-commerce website's products.

When shoppers see past customers talking about their positive experience with your online store in a testimonial video, they'll tend to feel more confident engaging with your business and purchasing its products. 

Testimonials are created by past customers, so they offer an unbiased opinion of your e-commerce website, which means shoppers tend to trust them more than ads or other marketing messages.

And testimonials in video format are even more effective than those in text format because they show the past customer discussing his or her experience.

Testimonials help conversions on your site because they belong to a category of psychological phenomena known as social proof. And, according to Robert Cialdini, in his book Influence, social proof is a weapon of influence

If you've received an email from a highly satisfied customer, consider asking him or her to record a short testimonial. It doesn't have to be long. On the contrary, 15- or 30-second video testimonials often work best because they are watched to completion by most viewers.

After sourcing a few video testimonials, add them to your e-commerce website. If it's a testimonial video about your online store in general, add it to your homepage. If it's a testimonial video about a specific product, add it to the product page.

Upload Promotional Product Videos Directly to Facebook

When sharing promotional videos on your e-commerce website's Facebook Page, make sure that you upload them directly to the social media network.

Facebook allows users to share videos in one of two ways: embedding or uploading them directly.

When you embed a video on Facebook, you are essentially linking to a URL on which it's hosted, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Users can watch your promotional videos on Facebook regardless of how you share them.

Of those two supported methods, though, you'll attract more views by uploading your promotional videos directly to Facebook.

The social media network favors native video content over embedded video content, so uploading videos directly to Facebook usually results in more views.

The native videos will rank higher in your followers' News Feeds, meaning more users will see and watch them.

Embed Videos in Emails

When you use email to communicate with your e-commerce website's audience, consider embedding relevant videos in your emails.

Research shows emails with the word "video" added to the subject line are 19 percent more likely to be opened than other emails.

Most people prefer watching videos over reading text, so adding this single word to the subject line of your emails can vastly improve your open rates.

Of course, you should only use "video" in an email's subject line if the email contains an actual video.

So, what type of videos should you include in your emails? 

It really depends on who you are sending the emails to.

When you're creating emails for existing customers, perhaps you can add explainer videos of the customer's purchased products.

When you're creating emails for new shoppers, you can add promotional videos highlighting the benefits or features of your e-commerce website's products.

There are even tools for sophisticated marketers that allow you to personalize videos in email and track user engagement in real time.

Two examples to check out are:

Invest in Paid Video Ads

Aside from production- and editing-related expenses, you won't have to spend a fortune to promote your e-commerce using video.

Video marketing is a low-cost, time-tested way to promote your online store. All you need to get started is the smartphone in your pocket and a connection to the internet. With that said, you scale the sales-driving power of video by purchasing paid video ads.

To get started with paid video ads, create a Google Ads account and set up a new video campaign.

Video campaigns consist of video ads, which you create and upload to Google Ads, that play on YouTube as well as other websites in the Google Display Network. 

While costs vary, you can expect to pay around 10 to 20 cents per view.

If you're still gun shy about getting started with video ads, you can search on YouTube or elsewhere for tutorials; but, when you want expert help and to get up-to-speed quickly, the best course I've come across is by produced by AdSkills, it's called BulletProof Youtube Ads. 

Wrapping Up: Product Videos For Marketing

You can't expect shoppers to find your e-commerce website unless you promote it.

Video marketing is a time-tested promotional strategy that can bring more shoppers to your online store while helping you achieve higher conversion rates in the process.

Just remember to create high-quality videos with your e-commerce website's target audience in mind.

And, don't forget about optimizing your e-commerce fulfillment and shipping that will be sure to increase in volume once your videos start gaining traction. Check out one of our product videos below for a quick idea of how Fulfillment Bridge can help your e-commerce products ship better.

Make Shipping Easy on Yourself with the Help of Fulfillment Bridge

Once you have your site optimized, from guests checkout options and pricing to images and user generated content, your sales will start to climb. Prepare to keep your customers happy and yourself sane by taking advantage of the full suite of Fulfillment Bridge Ecommerce solutions.

When you are ready to take your ecommerce shipping and fulfillment to the next level, contact Fulfillment Bridge

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