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Virtual Reality Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

Take all the marketing buzzwords of 2020 and toss them out the window. There's only one marketing concept you should be considering and it is virtual reality marketing for ecommerce. 

No, it's not too early to consider virtual reality marketing for your ecommerce business. 

With many highly immersive VR systems already on the market, the future of everyday virtual reality is closer than you think.

  • But how does virtual reality translate VR into ecommerce marketing success?
  • How do you utilize this new medium to connect with consumers?

If you're a business owner savvy enough to consider VR marketing for your ecommerce business, following are a few concepts to consider. 

Product Launches

Consider launching new ecommerce products in virtual reality.

From product features to beta testing capabilities, just imagine showcasing your new releases in virtual reality.

Once you allow yourself to start thinking of virtual reality as a product interaction medium, your imagination will fill with numerous ways to connect with consumers in an alternate reality: technology is revolutionizing ecommerce.

Audience Engagement

There's no better way to build brand engagement than to connect with your customers in virtual reality.

Create a virtual reality game relevant to your market sector, offer a rewards-based interface where potential customers can earn special deals, or hop on a current gaming trend and weave product placements into your creation.

The key is to build brand awareness and consumer engagement for your online business using novel tech so you stand apart from competitors. 

Augmented Video Marketing

If you're not quite ready to go all-in on virtual marketing, consider integrating augmented reality into your video marketing offerings. 

You only need to look at the success of Pokemon Go to understand the massive audience appeal of augmented reality.

Brainstorm ways audiences can interact with your brand via augmented enticements.

For a look at what's to come, check out the video below demoing VR ecommerce of the future:

Showrooming in Virtual Reality

Just as today's consumers investigate your business online prior to visiting a physical location, tomorrow's consumers will experience your brand in virtual reality before concluding a sale.

Commonly referred to as showrooming, this ability to investigate a product prior to purchase will be commonplace in virtual reality. The sooner you integrate virtual showrooming into your audience outreach strategy, the more you'll outdistance your competitors.

And since the pandemic has emerged in 2020, one of the recent Google earnings calls highlighted the rise in digital showrooming:

“...people who in the past may have debated things like how do I get virtual showrooming now are really thinking about it. People who may have been hesitant to shift their budgets are looking through moments like this and trying to get all that working better. Cloud is an obvious area. Every company has been thinking about digital transformation, but they are asking the questions deeper.”

Virtual E-Commerce, E-grocery and Logistics 4.0 [Video]

Virtual Influencer Marketing

If you think influencer marketing is hot now, wait until you experience it in virtual reality.

The ability to double-down on influencer marketing by incorporating an influencer into your virtual reality creations will leave you astounded at the social reach you'll achieve.

Forget the Muppet's 'Pigs in Space' - we're talking influencers in space now!

Influencers showcasing your new footwear while climbing a virtual Mount Everest, touring a virtual museum while extolling the virtues of your educational software, or sitting atop a virtual cloud while discussing the benefits of your cloud technology interface; there are no limits to the combination of influencer marketing and virtual reality.

Talent Acquisition: Remote Work Collaboration in a Whole New Way

If you want to attract talent to help with your online business but need them to relocate, consider offering them a tour of your city in virtual reality.

Highlight the many perks your city has to offer without footing the bill for an expensive plane ticket.

Heck, you can even consider interviewing talent in virtual reality for a taste of how they'll perform in real life situations.

Marketing your location in another dimension is yet another way you can use virtual reality to your benefit.

Wrapping Up: VR Ecommerce Marketing

These are just six of numerous ways virtual reality will impact the future of online marketing. 

As the cost of virtual reality headsets decreases and the technology improves, expect this burgeoning medium to revolutionize how brands connect with consumers as the rules of brand building have changed. 

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