What is inventory balancing?

Do you want to deliver you e-commerce products in less time? 

Do you want a hedge to keep your Amazon buy box when Amazon stops accepting you FBA shipments due policy changes?

Do you want peace of mind for your e-commerce in uncertain times?

Do you want more control over your inventory?

If you answered yes to any of the above then inventory balancing may be for you.

But first ...

What is Inventory Balancing?

Inventory Balancing

From Amazon to the rising trend of distributed fulfillment inventory balancing is a proven inventory management strategy e-commerce sellers employ to keep your customers happy, your stock safe and your delivery times and shipping fees to their minimum. 

The Background

Amazon is famous for their fast deliveries and strategic use of multiple warehouses, both domestically in the USA and across the globe. Their strategy of inventory balancing allows the company to offer their Prime members delivery guarantees that keep order volumes up and, additionally, ensures loyal customers.

But in 2020, the Amazon multi-warehouse strategy is not just reserved for platforms.

The Opportunity

With cloud based fulfillment available for everyone from Shopify store owners, to eBayers and PrestaShop sellers the advantages previously reserved for giant corporations is today available to savvy internet entrepreneurs that understand the barriers to entry - even in the seemingly most competitive niches of selling products online - are disappearing.

Fulfillment has become democratized.

Distribute Your Inventory for Fun and Profit

Maintaining all your inventory with one platform (say FBA) or one warehouse can be risky, especially in uncertain times, for example, during a pandemic. 

One way to manage inventory risk, to eliminate a single point of failure that results from centralizing your inventory in one warehouse, is decentralization.

Decentralization of shipping utilizes multiple warehouses to store goods closer to your end users. This means your orders can be fulfilled faster.

Faster shipping means quicker deliver from the moment your customers complete their purchase on your site to the moment of unboxing, inventory balancing shortens the time gap. 

Optimize Your Inventory For More International Sales

Keeping stock near your customers as already noted allows for your buyer to experience your product with more immediacy. But that is only one advantage of inventory balancing.

Storing your products closer to your customers reduces shipping fees and, when a multi-country fulfillment strategy is coupled with inventory balancing, you get the added bonus of reduced paper work, when it comes to customs, duties and VAT compliance.

Add to the benefits decreased fees when returns are necessary - avoiding being double charged for customs fees and the added burden of cross border postage; with a well executed multi-country inventory balancing strategy many sales that wouldn't be profitable are now workable for all online sellers.

Inventory balancing is a key business advantage for multi-country fulfillment. It allows you to take advantage of the global market for your products to increase international sales without having to ship across borders.

Wrapping Up: Inventory Balancing is a Smart Logistics Strategy in an Uncertain World

Whether you are building an antifragile business to weather an uncertain marketplace filled with platform policy changes, natural disasters  and more, or you are looking to be closer to your end users and improve delivery times - inventory balancing across multiple warehouses can help.

Optimization via multiple warehouses to limit cross border shipments and the added paperwork that goes along with cross border selling in addition to new risk reduction are just some of the benefits of inventory balancing.

Now that you know how inventory balancing can help your ecommerce business in multiple ways, what's stopping you from getting started?

Inventory Balancing Can be Simple With Fulfillment Bridge's Multi-warehouse Global Network 

You don't have to wait until the next crisis to take advantage of the multiple warehouses. Prepare to keep your customers happy and yourself sane by taking advantage of the full suite of Fulfillment Bridge Ecommerce solutions.


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