Fulfillment Bridge vs ZhenHub

How is Fulfillment Bridge different from ZhenHub?

See how Fulfillment Bridge can save you time over ZhenHub 

While both Fulfillment Bridge and ZhenHub are tools for sending your products for your Ecommerce platforms - like Shopify, Magento, FBA and others - there are quite a few differences. 

We believe Fulfillment Bridge can help you save untold hours each week when fulfilling orders and help you have a better grip on your customer service too.

Global Warehouse Network


Get closer to your customers.

You’ll have different needs for different geographic regions. Both ZhenHub and Fulfillment Bridge allow you warehousing options. 

However, only Fulfillment Bridge provides you with a growing network of warehouses positioned on 4 continents and more than 14 countries. With strategically created storage and inventory systems, which enables you to assign products to designated areas. This helps you optimize the locations for storage, which reduce shipping costs and transit time all from one integrated platform

Moreover, only Fulfillment Bridge offers easy air freight and sea freight from Hong Kong and China to all the countries in our warehouse network, including: US, GB, ES, FR, IT, CZ, PL and AU.

Order Management System

Speed up and simplify your order management.

Both ZhenHub and Fulfillment Bridge allow you to automate your order management. 

Fulfillment Bridge also empowers you with an advanced order management system, you can manage your orders from multiple sales channels with convenience and efficiency. Import single or even bundle orders from different sales channels, automatically. 

Fulfillment Bridge allows you to do this on more platforms and with more flexibility than ZhenHub.

This is the perfect time saver for high volume multi-channel sellers.

Order Management System Fulfillment Bridge
Dedicated Brand Manager

Dedicated Brand Manager

Experienced brand managers efficiently handle your logistics, order fulfillment, and customer service.

Both ZhenHub and Fulfillment Bridge allow you to ship globally but only  with Fulfillment Bridge can the hassle of keeping track of your orders and responding to your customers be completely hands off. 

With Fulfillment Bridge you can let our trained and experienced brand managers efficiently handle your logistics, order fulfillment, and customer service while you focus on the expansion of your business. Talk about a time-saver!

Extra – did I tell you about our very own Dedicated Brand Manager Team?

Beside our powerful Logistics and Order Fulfillment Solutions, we have a Team of Dedicated Brand Managers – or Fulfillment Bridge Elves, as we like to call them – that provide a suite of Concierge Services which will help you with handle all your business logistics worries.

Find out more about our Concierge Services here.

How is Fulfillment Bridge different from ZhenHub?

If you’re still having trouble wrapping your head around all this information, check out this chart that gives you an overview of the differences:


Fulfillment Bridge


No Monthly Subscription Fee

Multi-warehouseing Network

Order Management

Inventory Management

Air and Sea Freight Forwarding from China to Global Warehousing Network


Premium Insurance

14+ Countries


Free, Create Account


So Should I use ZhenHub or Fulfillment Bridge?

We’d love it if you used Fulfillment Bridge, but we’ll help you make the decision yourself:

ZhenHub might be right for you if

  • You’re happy paying a monthly subscription fee that costs more based on your usage and features
  • You only want to use it for simple fulfillment.

Fulfillment Bridge might be right for you if

  • You want to automate your shipping more and save time to deal with the really important stuff
  • You want to be able to take advantage of a truly global multi-warehouse network to ship faster and save.

"Fulfillment Bridge is more than service, it’s a true partner. We first started working with fulfillment Bridge when they used to provide a software to manage our 3PL. It quickly evolved to become a complete logistic solution to integrate our operation with several warehouses worldwide. They are always ready to help when it is needed. We count on them as part of our own team."

- Guilherme Matarazzo Oliveira, CEO at Dan Henry Watches 

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